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Home Services Specialist II - Concord, CA - Bank of America, As a Home Service Specialist (HSS) II you will be responsible for processing of loans approved by an Underwriter or an automated decisioning system within designated signing authority limits... view original post >>

Reliability Engineer - Utility Systems/Senior Engineer - Berkeley, CA - Bayer, Bayer HealthCare (BHC) makes an important contribution to human and animal health with its innovative products and by researching new therapeutic approaches promoting science for a better life throughout everything that we do... view original post >>


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"No celebrities were harmed during interviews... except Fran Drescher, who suffered audible laughing pains"

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John Oliver and Jeff

John Oliver caught on film attacking PMI

Viewers were shocked and horrified by what they saw and heard. "No one expected this, he went after PMI with a vengeance - doesn't he have feelings, doesn't he understand, in America a corporation is a person. Maybe because he's British he finds it easy to not care about other people's lives." said someone. His friend Jeff is also being looked into. Watch... More..

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Loni Anderson issue

Gary Busey
Gary Busey Interview Gary Busey

Amy Brenneman
Amy Brenneman Interview

Kurt Yaeger
Kurt Yeager ride of a lifetime

Kurt Yaeger video


Austin Basis — Tom Harkin Issue

Austin Basis


Lessons From Israel's Experience With its National Health Insurance Law and Possible Implications for the U.S. Affordable Care Act More...


JORDAN: His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hussein of Jordon launched an initiative to help children with hearing loss to regain their hearing sense. More...

TEHRAN: An Iranian inventor have developed electric scissors by which people with disabilities can easily cut without mistake. More...

New guidelines employ a team approach to autism diagnosis and care More...




M-Enabling Summit Announces 2015 Event in Washington, DC More...

Stanford engineer produces free Braille-writer app More...

ABILITY Magazine Wins the International da Vinci Award More...

Most Accessible Magazine Content in the World: Blind Hearing Print, Web Content as a Playlist and Closed Captioning in Multiple Languages More...

Rules to improve employment of people with disabilities and veterans More...

VIDEOS... more videos

ABILITY Magazine daVinci Awards
ABILITY Magazine Wins the International 2014 da Vinci Award Months of nominating, judging and YouTube video viewing culminated with finalists from across the U.S, France, India, Italy, Switzerland and England coming together at the Ford Conference and Event Center in Dearborn, Michigan, for the announcement of the 2014 da Vinci Award winners...And ABILITY Magazine wins! More...


The Arc and UCP React to Offensive Language to People with Disabilities in The Wolf of Wall Street The Arc and United Cerebral Palsy released the following statement in response to the use of the r-word and the offensive depiction of cerebral palsy in the new film The Wolf of Wall Street. More...

DOL Announces New Regulations to Improve Disability and Veterans Employment

DOL Announces New Regulations to Improve Disability and Veterans Employment Vice President Biden announced two new rules that represent an historic advance for veterans and individuals with disabilities. By strengthening longstanding regulations under the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA) and Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act, the new rules will ensure that qualified workers have more meaningful opportunities to find, secure and keep good jobs. More...

UN and ABILITY Awareness

United Nations Partners with ABILITY to Raise Awareness ABILITY Awareness in conjunction with the United Nations' Department of Public Information hosted a panel discussion: The Art of Engagement, on Friday July 19th as part of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The panel described as, an entertaining approach to building awareness through music, theater, humor and various visual arts stimulates attention to an otherwise resistant society. More...

Safak Pavey of Turkey interview

Art of the Brain - raising funds for brain cancer research at the UCLA Neuro-Oncology Programs Art of the Brain, a non-profit organization founded by Judi Kaufman is under the auspices of the UCLA Foundation, held its annual fundraising gala to spotlight the talent and strength of brain cancer survivors and raise funds for brain cancer research headed by Dr. Timothy Cloughesy at the UCLA Neuro-Oncology Program. More...

Safak Pavey of Turkey interview

First Lady Michelle Obama, Safak Pavey of Turkey and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the 2012 International Women of Courage Awards in Washington, DC. Pavey, one of the honorees, is a journalist, writer and politician. She is a member of the Parliament representing Istanbul. She is the first Turkish member of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities More...

UN interviews during the 5th State session

Interviews from the United Nations CRPD from international business leaders like Adobe; to country representatives of Chile and Egypt; to a non-governmental organization leader from Qatar, each speaking about their views of moving forward in advocacy, policy and technology during the UN CRPD 5th States Session More...

William H Macy from the movie The Sessions

Interview with William H Macy and Cheryl Cohen Greene from the movie The Sessions Dr. Cheryl Cohen Greene – the real life sex surrogate, portrayed by Helen Hunt in the film, speaks about her work with Mark O'Brien (portrayed by John Hawkes) who had Polio and fought negative thoughts from his childhood and at 38 still a virgin— as well as a sound bite with actor William H. Macy More...

...more videos

United Nations 5th CRPD Panel on Scoial Media by ABILITY Magazine and ABILITY Awareness

UN Panel on Social Media United Nations CRPD panel on Social Media sponsored by ABILITY Magazine and ABILITY Awareness-with speakers Paula Pearlman, Marcel Bucsescu, Justin Stockton, Chet Cooper and More...

Marlee Matlin ABILITY House Video

Celebrities Volunteer Time/Service to ABILITY House Marlee Matlin, Jeff Charlebois, John Siciliano, Mark Goffeney "Big Toe", Max Gail, Chet Cooper, Gillian Friedman, MD and many more volunteer to build an ABILITY House. More...

Howie On Jay Leno

Howie Mandel on Jay Leno Show Howie Mandel, the ABILITY Magazine cover story for the June/July Issue, talks to Jay Leno about being a 'cover boy' thanks to the success of America's Got Talent. He mentions the magazine and talks briefly about having OCD More...

Regina Hall on the Mo'Nique Show

Regina Hall on the Mo'Nique Show Actress, advocate, journalist - Regina Hall makes an announcement on BET's Mo'Nique Show about her new job with ABILITY Magazine. Regina has a masters degree in journalism from NYU and in the latest talent to join ABILITY Magazine More...

Andrea Friedman Interview about the R word

Andrea Friedman, Actress with Down Syndrome, is Asked About the R word (edited from interview in April/May issue) Cooper The other thing that’s happening right now is the controversy over what they call the R word. What is your-- Andrea: Oh, yes. I know. Cooper: What is your thought about that? Andrea: About “retarded,” the R word? I don’t really like it at all. It really affected me in many ways, More...

fox news report

Fox News - Job Hunt Series Asks ABILITY Magazine Jamie Colby of Fox News, reporting under the Job Hunt Series, asks ABILITY Magazine and ABILITY Jobs about issues surrounding the hiring of people with disabilities. Two video versions appeared on the Fox Network. The second video includes appearances with best selling author and AM writer Allen Rucker, comedian and AM humor therapy writer Jeff Charlebois, Vista member Dana Nelson, AM's Chet Cooper and Nancy Villere of Crush Photo Studios More...


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