Interview with William H. Macy and the Sex Surrogate Cheryl Cohen Greene from the movie The Sessions

Cheryl Cohen-Greene Sex Surrogate from the movie The Sessions

The Sessions, a new film by Ben Lewin, explores a subject that is rarely tackled on TV or the big screen. It is unusual for a number of reasons. Consider first that the inciting situation involves a man who has contracted Polio and, at the age of 38 decides that he doesn’t want to remain a virgin. Secondly, the compassionate and empathetic treatment of the sex surrogate Cheryl Cohen Greene, reminds us how intimacy… deep connection… can heal the wounded spirit on levels unreachable by the most skilled surgeon or effective medication. The film quickly won over critiques and judges and garnered huge support from audiences at the Sundance Film Festival. It was made for just over a half million dollars and picked up by Fox Searchlight for $6M.
Perhaps of great things to come, the filmmakers were recognized at the Media Access Awards in October for it’s dignified portrayal of how the human spirit insists on inclusion and participation of life. In an exclusive report, ABILITY Magazine talked briefly with Dr. Cheryl Cohen Greene – the real life sex surrogate, portrayed by Helen Hunt in the film, about her meaningful work as well as dropping in on a sound bite with actor William H. Macy later that evening on the Red Carpet at the movie’s premier held at the Los Angeles Museum of Art.

Adult content with sexual and frank dialogue:

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