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A shirt print: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome - EDS Awareness

Together, we aren’t rare! Let’s talk about Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Twenty-five million people in the US are affected by rare diseases - many of them are genetic and life-limiting. One...

“No celebrities were harmed during interviews… except Fran Drescher, who suffered audible laughing pains”

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Image: Itzhak Perlman seated with microphone on stage giving laureate address with a deep blue background.

Itzhak Perlman — Musician, Maestro, Advocate

Tune in to your local classical radio station anywhere in North America, and it won’t take long for someone to mention the...
Thirst Project. Image of a young boy laughing while catching water in his hands under a working water pump

Thirst Project — Seth Maxwell, Well to the Max

At 19, Seth Maxwell learned people around the world were drinking from swamps, mud puddles and earth dams. He also...

ABILITY Magazine is Ranked in the Top 50 Magazines in the World

Hou Bin

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Two images, a child and an adult with disabilities detained behind bars in Mexico

Alarming DRI report: US Border and Mexico, detention, abuse, and death of children & adults with disabilities

DRI finds improper detention, abuse and death of children and adults with disabilities in Mexico near the US border. Disability Rights...