Marlee Matlin 3-peat Issue

Marlee Matlin interview, Autism His and Herstory, Gaming for All, BYkids film makers and more

Chen Yanping

Chen Yanping — Blind Opera Performer

Soon after losing her vision, Chen Yanping cut all connections to the outside world. It was the constant visits by...

“No celebrities were harmed during interviews… except Fran Drescher, who suffered audible laughing pains”

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Title: Jon Cryer-The Goodhearted Thespian. Image: John Cryer is happily sits in a sunny park setting, surrounded by grass, trees and bushes.

JON CRYER — Two and a Half Miles for Shane’s Inspiration

  Born to a playwright and an actor, Jon Cryer’s fate as a performer was sealed from birth. However, being...
Image: Loreen Arbus with a glowing smile seated with a backdrop of a glowing in the warmth of a vibrant reds and golds of her home in New York City.

Loreen Arbus — Fighting for the Marginalized

Entering the home of Loreen Arbus, almost all senses are tickled at once. A never-ending color palette of combinations not typically seen...

ABILITY Magazine is Ranked in the Top 50 Magazines in the World

Wang Lu and Her “Upper Hand” in Talk Shows

International Partners

Disabled actors wanted in Hollywood

Actors with Disabilities Help Diversity in Hollywood

A growing number of Studios, Casting Agents, Organizations, Film Festivals know about the future of inclusion with abilityE SAG-AFTRA, Casting Society of America, Warner Brothers,...

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