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Big Cheng

Big Cheng Popular Chinese Vlogger

Big Cheng was born in 1990 in Shaoyang, Hunan, she films her life and work when she embarks on a career...

“No celebrities were harmed during interviews… except Fran Drescher, who suffered audible laughing pains”

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Avril Lavigne smiles with a red and black Special Olympics jacket.

AVRIL LAVIGNE — Fly High with Special Olympics

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Avril Lavigne has sold more 35 million records worldwide. Her songs “Complicated” and “Girlfriend” rank among Billboard’s Hot 100 singles of the...
Ray Romano in a scene for the HBO show,Vinyl, sporting a blue leisure suit stylish for the 1970's.

Ray Romano — Cancer and 70’s Music

Ray Romano looks a lot different these days. Gone is the clean-cut image from his hit TV show, Everybody Loves...

ABILITY Magazine is Ranked in the Top 50 Magazines in the World

Hou Bin

International Partners

Disabled actors wanted in Hollywood

Actors with Disabilities Help Diversity in Hollywood

A growing number of Studios, Casting Agents, Organizations, Film Festivals know about the future of inclusion with abilityE SAG-AFTRA, Casting Society of America, Warner Brothers,...

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