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Vegas, Baby!

I’ve had a busy couple of months bouncing around to different states, doing MX classes, and practice-riding my UTV Razor. In March, I loaded up my bike and dragged my friend Lindsey with me to Vegas. My mom takes an annual trip there with my grandmother and aunt. Normally I go just for a day, but when my aunt couldn’t make it this year, Mom asked me to come for the full vacation.

Lindsey and I arrived in time to pick up my mom and grandma from the airport, check in to the hotel, get in some gambling, and then go to a Penn & Teller show, which was amazing! Lindsey is deaf also, so Mom interpreted the show for us, which almost wasn’t necessary: Teller doesn’t talk at all, and there’s so much “action” that you don’t even really need to know what Penn is saying. If you ever have a chance to catch one of their shows, do it!

We ate at a few great restaurants. My mom is a cooking-show fan, so we checked out Gordon Ramsay’s ‘BurGR’ (an incredible burger), and Guy Fieri’s restaurant, which had great drinks and food. We enjoyed a seafood buffet at the Flamingo; those shrimp and crab legs went flying!

This is super funny: I’m always telling my mom how I’m going to get a tattoo on the inside of my inner lip that says “SRY MOM”. She always says, “Oh lordy, don’t ever do that!!!” So me and Lindsey decided to prank her and my grandma. We told them that we had to go to the store, and would meet up with them in the casino in a half hour.

We went to the bathroom and I dried my inner lip with a paper towel, and then Lindsey took a Sharpie and wrote “SRY MOM” on it for me. When we went to meet up with my mom I was holding my head down. I said, “Mom, I’m sorry but I have to show you something.” She was confused. I rolled my lip down and she FREAKED out!

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She didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or hit me. Her face was priceless, then I told her the truth. My grandma walked up and thought it was cool; she wanted to know where my mom’s tattoo was. Mom made me wipe the writing off to prove it was a fake. Best prank on her ever!

My grandma gambles a lot, so she has a Diamond Vegas rewards card. That was great because we got to use her points for free stuff, and sometimes we would show up to places where there was a long line, but because she had Diamond status, we got to cut to the front! We all had a wonderful time. And while the slots can be a little addictive, I managed to escape Vegas without spending too much.

Now I am off to Utah to clear my head and get some riding in. Hope to see you at the track!

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