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Zhang Hong climbing mountain

China’s Blind Mountaineer Zhang Hong

“I cannot see Mt. Qomolangma with my eyes, but I can stand upon it” Zhang Hong was born in Chongqing in 1975 and went ... Read more
Yang Erlang: Drawing her World on Batik Wear

China’s Yang Erlang: Drawing her World on Batik Wear

The “Night of China” show in London Fashion Week of 2020 unveiled a series of costumes of a Miao ethnic minority group from Danzhai, ... Read more

China’s National Health and Medical Commission released guidelines for Coronavirus prevention and control

On February 2nd, the National Health and Medical Commission issued the “Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of New Coronaviruses (First Edition)”, which included ... Read more
Liu Xiaoqing

China’s Calligrapher Liu Xiaoqing

Born in 1976; native of Zhucheng, Shandong, member of the China Calligraphers Association, Vice-President of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Standing Committee ... Read more
Silent Choir

China’s Silent Choir

November 2013 witnessed Li Bo and Zhang Yong from Baise City, Guangxi, building from scratch a choir of 9 to 16-year-old children from Lingyun ... Read more
Chet Cooper, Ni Lin and Wei Mengxin holdig a framed award

Kurt Yaeger, Chet Cooper, Ashley Fiolek and China Press are DRLC Honorees

Usually when we hear about China, the stories focus on factories and goods, jobs shipped overseas and other news items that make the country ... Read more
China - Portrait of a Chinese Artist

China – ABILITY and China Press Join Forces

Recently ABILITY’s Chet Cooper traveled to Beijing to build a relationship with China Press for People with Disabilities. In the coming months, the partnership ... Read more

The Second International Integrated Art Exhibition for Persons with Disabilities, Wuhan China

Please let us know if you are interested in submitting your artwork to this unique opportunity. Only accepted artists will be asked to attend; ... Read more
Airbus 380 in China

China Alliance

ABILITY’s Chet Cooper traveled to Beijing to build a relationship with China Press for People with Disabilities. The partnership resulted in an exchange of ... Read more
Seven Armless Scholars article

China’s Seven Armless Scholars

The “Seven Armless Scholars” is the nickname of a group of seven highly respected Chinese artists who live in different regions of China. Although ... Read more
China - River Flyer

China’s — River Flyer

  River is a 39-year-old senior paragliding pilot who is passionate about extreme sports. Originally from Datong Shanxi in China, he became a paraplegic ... Read more
Title: Stories of Love and regret. Image: A young woman with a dark sleeveless dress stands illuminated by the sunlight against the dark green leaves behind her.

China — Love and Albinism

Hunted in East Africa for their body parts and portrayed as scoundrels by Hollywood, people with albinism are often deeply misunderstood around the world. ... Read more
China - A Fine Line: Art

China – A Fine Line: Art

In countries around the world, art work by people with mental illness has developed into a business over the years. But as Haiping Guo ... Read more

China — Art Project

Every person living with a disability may have a trace of longing. People with physical challenges may find travel difficult, the deaf cannot hear ... Read more

China — Hearing Beauty

“What you can and can’t see is up to fate. I love my fate. She is closest to me; she is designed for me. ... Read more

China’s — Ye Tingfang

Born in November 1936 in southern China, Professor Ye Tingfang is a famous scholar and translator. Before he retired from the Foreign Language Institute ... Read more

China’s Mao Di — Clap Happy

Music lovers close their eyes to savor a performance, which seems to make the melody and charm linger. But if all the actors on ... Read more

China — A Coach with Passion

Run!” A shot rang out and a group of kids wearing competition jerseys darted towards the finish line. Suddenly a kid stopped in the ... Read more

China — Wang Kun Overcoming Obstacles for Art

Wang Kun is a renowned oil painter born in western China’s Jilin province in 1970, he contracted polio at a young age resulting in ... Read more

China — Exposing the World

While advocating awareness and policies for uncommon health conditions has always been of major global interest, the coverage for what the World Health Organization ... Read more