ABILITY Magazine - Scott Baio Issue

Scott Baio Issue

Excerpts from the Scott Baio Issue Aug/Sep 2013:

Eva Feldman, MD, PhD — ALS and Stem Cell Therapy

FREEJ — Grandmothers Rule

China — A Coach with Passion

Governor Markell — Blueprint to Employment

Models of Diversity — Embrace it!

Scott Baio — Interview

MIT — Leveraged Freedom Chair

Articles in the Scott Baio Issue; Senator Harkin — Trying to Make it Work; Ashley Fiolek — Kickin’ up Dirt; Humor — Die Laughing; Geri Jewell — Pet Power; Eva Feldman, MD, PhD — ALS and Stem Cell Therapy; Beyond Silence — Deafness in India; Long Haul Paul — Q&A with a PA; Models of Diversity — Embrace it! ; Governor Markell — Blueprint to Employment; China — A Coach with Passion; EMPOWER — Global Inclusion; FREEJ — Grandmothers Rule; MIT — Leveraged Freedom Chair; Scott Baio — Happy Days; MADA — Global Assistive Technology; ABILITY's Crossword Puzzle; Events and Conferences... subscribe

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