A new survey by abilityJOBS highlights the reasons job seekers with disabilities are going to the polls for the presidential election. Nine questions were asked of 40 thousand unemployed individuals with diverse abilities to understand the motivation behind their vote.

The survey called “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly” revealed the essence of candidates preferences of professionals with disabilities.

abilityJOBS.com surveyed 40,000 job seekers with disabilities asking, “Why Are You Voting?!

A survey unlike any other in its size, scope and domain, abilityJOBS.com founder, Chet Cooper and team, launched some of the most intrinsic questions to the career site’s immense pool of job seekers with disabilities – the purpose?  To discover what is compelling a practicing professional or active job-seeker to ‘get out to vote’ in this 2016 Presidential election

The abilityJOBS team took a risk in asking their audience to speak up, especially in the unusual terrain of a campaign that has featured the controversial portrayal of NEW YORK TIMES reporter, Serge F. Kovalevsky (who has cerebral palsy). Committing himself to put forth the opinions of unemployed workers with disabilities play in the US GDP, Cooper said “We’ve dedicated ourselves to understanding the needs of unemployed people with disabilities (PWDs). This survey has brought a new level of awareness.”  As the shepherd of the largest online source of employment resources for both corporations and PWDs, Cooper immediately saw the demand for INTEGRITY as a high note amongst the responses; “When you’re already expecting a lopsided playing field, the focus on ‘character’ and ‘trust’ becomes even more dynamic. It’s a game-changer – especially now.”

Interested in what unemployed PWDs were voting for in a President, questions ranged from Homeland security to Immigration. For instance, “Is it important for a President to make GOOD on their promises to create new jobs?”, readership resoundingly responded with a consensus of 85%. "As far as the BAD is concerned, we’ve seen quite a bit in this presidential race. PWDs make up the largest minority in the country, yet have been ignored as a significant voting power—56 million people can sway an election” says Cooper.

abilityJOBS.com was established in 1995, as the first career site dedicated to employment of PWDs. It houses the largest resume bank with tens of thousands of job seekers with disabilities, from entry level candidates to PhD.

The goal of abilityJOBS is to enable PWDs to enhance their professional lives by providing a dedicated system for finding employment. By posting job opportunities, or searching resumes, employers can find qualified PWDs as well as demonstrate their affirmative action and open door policies.

Image of the actors in the Good the Bad and the Ugly

Survey of Job Seekers with Disabilities
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

A survey of 40,000 unemployed were asked about this Presidential election,
Why are you voting?

Voting because:

• I'm looking for a President to make Good on their promises to create new jobs.
• Bad global affairs affect the US economy.
• I feel the health care system is Ugly and it should be better.
• It’s important to support my party’s candidate.
• Disability issues need more attention.
• I believe we should do something about climate change.
• Immigration policies affect my standard of living.
• Gun laws are important to me.
• Homeland security policies.

Result: I'm voting because I'm looking for a president to create new jobs for job seekers with disabilites
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If you are an unemployed person with a disability wishing to take the survey CLICK HERE

Media please contact us for more voting results.

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