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A tisket, a tasket, a broken clutch basket

The Yamaha Super Ténéré motorcycle has a reputation for being bulletproof, which is why I chose to ride one on my quest to document a million miles for multiple sclerosis (MS). My responsibility to its engineers is to wear out the motorcycle and find its breaking point. My reputation of pushing gear and accessories ... Read more

Excerpt: My Picture Perfect Family

Although she wasn’t following a typical eleventh grade curriculum, Samantha managed to make Dean’s List. She also won awards for math and community service for singing Christmas carols at a nursing home. Perhaps more important were the successes in areas most parents would never measure, let alone think about. Persuading Samantha to watch TV—so ... Read more

Excerpt: If at Birth you Don’t Succeed

It’s 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning and I’m bouncing on a trampoline surrounded by a film crew, shouting jokes into a camera. Soon, the doors of the Jumpstreet trampoline park in Austin, Texas, will open to a flood of children on their way to the best birthday parties ever, but for now it’s ... Read more

A Vote for the American Dream

This presidential election year seems more intense than any I’ve ever experienced in all my years of voting. And truthfully it’s the only election in which I’m still undecided this late into the political season. Part of me is so disgusted with all that’s happening in our country, that I feel a sense of ... Read more

Murder, Money and Mutts

The year was 1948. I had been a cop most of my life until I was asked to turn in my badge. They just didn’t like the way that I did things… which way? My way. Good cops would spend hours, or days, following the rules to get vital information on crimes. Me, I’d ... Read more


Vegas, Baby! I’ve had a busy couple of months bouncing around to different states, doing MX classes, and practice-riding my UTV Razor. In March, I loaded up my bike and dragged my friend Lindsey with me to Vegas. My mom takes an annual trip there with my grandmother and aunt. Normally I go just ... Read more


It’s always fun not knowing who will greet us on the other side of an interview. This time it is a beautiful Belgian-born beauty with contagious energy. ILSE (pronounced like the Disney princess) Gevaert exudes positivity and is open to sharing how happy she is with her musical journey. This independent artist brings a ... Read more


JAN Consultants respond to a variety of inquiries from employers about the ADA rules related to asking for medical information in response to receiving an accommodation request. Sometimes employers are uneasy about making medical inquiries and requesting medical documentation. The ADA does not require employers to request medical information after receiving a request for ... Read more

Zach Anner Interview

YouTube phenomenon Zach Anner became a household name five years ago when he co-won Oprah Winfrey’s Reality TV competition, Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star. Though his wheelchair travel series, Rollin’ With Zach, was short lived, Anner has kept it moving. His YouTube channel has more than 300,000 subscribers, and ... Read more

China’s Seven Armless Scholars

The “Seven Armless Scholars” is the nickname of a group of seven highly respected Chinese artists who live in different regions of China. Although each lost his arms to accidents early in life, each went on to study calligraphy and painting and is now a celebrated artist. In lieu of arms, they instead use ... Read more

Chris Wood Interview

A charismatic villain? The answer is yes, Chris Wood. Many know him from his on screen role as everyone’s favorite bad guy in Vampire Diaries, playing Malachai (Kai). These days he’s taking on a completely different character in a new series you can catch on the CW Network, called Containment. Off screen, Chris is ... Read more