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Kathy Buckley — Comedian, Author, Deaf Advocate

If you haven’t heard of Kathy Buckley, then drop whatever you’re doing and Google her. Watch her on YouTube, find her on Amazon. You won’t be disappointed. Known as America’s first deaf comedienne, she’s wickedly funny and highly inspirational. But she’s more than just a comic; her humor is infused with a higher purpose: ... Read more

TBI—Traumatic Brain Injury

A blow to the head is referred to by many terms, but the most widely accepted, both within and outside the medical field, is “traumatic brain injury” or TBI. A TBI is most often characterized as “blunt” or “closed” (the latter meaning the skull or cranium was not penetrated). Car accidents are the most ... Read more

Priya Kaur

Priya knows a lot about pumping iron and doing what it takes to look her best. Born in India and now living in Orange County, CA, Kaur was an athlete and fitness contestant before a severe concussion in 2017 left her incapacitated and leaving her career in jeopardy. But Kaur is no quitter. She ... Read more

Jing Hu Translation from the Heart

My name is Jing Hu, and I was born in 1984 and raised in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang, West China. The first three months of my birth were the first and last happy moment in my family. Then, in early 1985, I developed what appeared to be an inflammation in my lymph ... Read more

Drew Lynch —Wicked Funny

Standup is hard enough to do, even when you have everything going for you, but throw in a baseball to the neck, vocal contusion, and a major concussion and still crack up audiences, well that’s magic. Actor and comedian Drew Lynch continues to do just that. A sports injury at 19 left him with a ... Read more

Camelrot — King Artie and the Legend: Finally the End

Quieting them, the king carried on, “My brave knights, with the Duke on the run, we may now finally turn our efforts towards finding the most sacred relic in the entire world.” Sir Render leapt to his feet, excitingly responding, “The Beowulf comic book!” Unaware, a thin, deathly-looking, pale young man, dressed in black ... Read more

Long Haul Paul bringing MS awareness to rural America

  As  much as I enjoy riding all over the country and hanging out at motorcycle rallies and trade shows, it only takes a minute to remind me of the reason I left the security of a steady job and decided to dedicate my foreseeable future to bring education, inspiration and hope to others ... Read more

International Sign Language

Variety is one of the greatest assets of language—there are over 7,000 languages spoken worldwide—but it can also be frustrating. We just have to live with the fact that we can’t communicate with most people in the world because of language barriers. There have been efforts in the past to use spoken languages that ... Read more

If You Give a Girl a Cookie… (she’ll eat it)

I don’t know too many people who, affectionately, name their body parts. No, that wasn’t meant to be a provocative statement pointing to the clever minds of men and women who are quick on the trigger to celebrate the biological gifts, the differences, that make up femininity and masculinity. Rather, the far less spurring ... Read more