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Lia Martirosyan — Music and Laughter

It’s true, in an instant, your life can change; an accident, a ruptured aneurysm, blunt trauma to the head, a cancer diagnosis. With Lia, it’s been slow, temperamental and undiagnosed. Her blasé attitude makes one wonder if she’s just used to her body’s deception. She isn’t, she just knows where her energy is best ... Read more

Whisky in a Wine Glass by Lia Martirosyan

A poetry book that stirs the soul and enriches our being

Public Radio Armenia – ABILITY Corps’ Lia Martirosyan

? Lia Martirosyan was interviewed during the Pyunic/ACCESS International Conference on Disability Rights, in Armenia — sponsored by the EU. Keynote speakers in Yerevan included: – Dunja Mijatovi?, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights – Piotr ?witalski, Ambassador to the European Union in Armenia – Mane Tandilyan, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs ... Read more

A Visit to the Children of Armenia’s SMART Center

An unexpected two and a half our drive through the hills and valleys of beautiful Armenia was well worth it when we got to the SMART Center, developed by the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF). The facility is like cold iced-tea on the warmest summer’s day. Architecturally unique to the region and brimming with ... Read more

Garo H. Armen, PhD

The Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) first came into my realm of awareness when I saw Tom Hanks in a video on Facebook talking about COAF in support of its upcoming gala. Within months, a myriad of celebrities were cheerfully joining in videos on social media to give a shout-out to COAF. From Nicole ... Read more

Pushing Athletic Skills Rather Than Pushing Buttons of War

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has invited the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) of North Korea to participate in its first Paralympic Winter Games and offered two bipartite slots to athletes to compete in Para Nordic skiing at PyeongChang 2018. The two North Korean athletes who have received bipartite slots from the IPC and World ... Read more

Armenia — A University of Change

Until it became independent in 1991, Armenia was one of the 15 republics that made up the Soviet Union. The country is rich in culture deeply rooted in its ancestry—what it lacks in population, the people surpass in determination. Armen Der Kiureghian, PhD, has been dividing his time between UC Berkeley and the American ... Read more

Andy — Music + Charity = Millions of Fans

This really is a small world after all. When my dad was a teenager playing soccer, he could not have predicted that he would have a daughter interviewing his good friend and teammate Andy Madadian. Today he is best know as Andy, is now an international pop star who has created a fusion of ... Read more