Ashley Fiolek — Babes in the Dirt 5

Ashley Fiolek and her Husky
Ashley Fiolek on her Husquvarna (Husky)

Hope everyone’s spring/summer is starting off great! It’s super hot here in Florida right now, it’s weird because it was kind of chilly for a really long time, which is not normal in Saint Aug, but this last week was a scorcher! Today it was 95, but “felt like” 102 🙂

So last column I mentioned I was headed out to Babes in the Dirt 5 in California. It’s crazy how many girls who attended, actually it was a sold out event! We all met up and rode all day in the desert together, partied at night. Husquvarna provided bikes for the girls to ride that didn’t have bikes. I also took everyone around on a little path so they could learn and get used to the bikes. It was actually nice weather which usually doesn’t happen because its normally always super windy. There was a food truck there that you could buy food from if you didn’t bring your own and everyone was having a good time. My friend Brittany came with me to help interpret and when we were done, before we flew back home, we went down to LA and walked around and had an amazing dinner.

This past weekend my family hung out at my parents house for Memorial Day. My grandma and her husband came here and we just stayed home and went out to downtown St. Augustine. Funny thing, I have lived here for so long but I have never been to the Saturday morning Farmers market that is at our amphitheater. We all went there on Saturday and it was a lot of fun with lots of cool things for sale and a band (not that I could hear it or anything hahaha)

On Memorial Day my dad got all of our “toy’s” ready and ...
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