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Utah has been pretty cold, much like every where else! We haven’t been going out too much just hanging in the house or with friends. The good thing about the cold weather is you don’t feel bad to stay inside and watch TV. I have been soaking up football playoffs, the SX (super cross) races that just started and Winter X games, it’s been some great coverage and everything has been very exciting. At least it gives me lots to do.

Ashley Fiolek and family in front of Christmas Tree
Ashley Fiolek and family in front of Christmas Tree

At Christmas we flew to Florida to hang with my family. It was also my brother’s 18th birthday so we stayed at Disney’s Fort wilderness campground for his birthday and for Christmas. The day after Christmas we came back home and hung out in Saint Augustine before we had to head back.

We just kind of chilled at the campground, drove around in the golf cart and looked at Christmas decorations. We put lights on our golf cart and my mom brought her Christmas tree from home to help decorate our site, we also stung up a bunch of lights and we brought our fire pit so it was a lot of fun.

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My mom and dad bought this new portable pizza oven from Ooni, it has a brick stone and gets up to 925 degrees! We all made a bunch of pizzas and my brother made a smores dessert pizza we had so much fun flour was flying everywhere! My brothers girlfriend came for a couple of days to hang out for his birthday, that was nice because we all sat around the fire and we played some games. My parents brought their 3 dogs plus my brother and his girlfriend so me and Lindsey slept outside in our tent, it was actually lovely the weather was perfect at night.

Ashley and Winsor
Best friend Windsor

When we came back to Saint Augustine we got together with all of our friends one night and went downtown, that was a fun time we miss everyone. One of the nights my family invited some of our family friends over that we have known forever and we did an oyster roast out in our backyard. I miss doing that so I’m glad we had the chance to do that while we were home!

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I’m going to pick up a new bike on Saturday and I’m excited I will be able to start riding again I will just have to bundle up! I’m planning on riding the Day in the Dirt races that will be held at Dade city in March. My dad is going to ride too and we are going to be part of the iron man competition. If you guys are in the Tampa/Brooksville area in March come on by and say Hi!

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