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Ashley MX School 2020I‘ve been traveling the East coast for my AFMX schools which has been the highlight of my summer and fall 🙂 It has been exciting and fun with my mom and Lindsey. The weather has been off and on with raining and very cold weather but we’ve been lucky with the classes to have beautiful days. All of the students have been really fun to work with and am very impressed with them. I have seen a lot of improvement from the start of the classes to the end.

I love to travel and hit a bunch of new different tracks. I brought my dog Bambi with us on this trip so it’s a bit tight in my trailer, but it has been working. So far Twisted MX is my favorite track (loamy and sand track) also it’s in Michigan and that’ s where I’m from so it was nice to be able to go there and visit my family as well. My family came over to our campground on Sunday and we all had BBQ together and watched football. We are staying in Michigan for a week so it’s nice to be able to hit all of my favorite restaurants and local places that I miss and don’ t get to see all of the time.

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In Illinois we hit a bunch of wineries and it was really fun. Hickory Winery was my favorite one. We were able to sit out by the vineyards too. It’s a very beautiful place. We have had some adventures my mom is obsessed with our new ice maker and makes tons of ice every day (do you think she is bored?) She also got smacked in the tooth/lip with our pop up screened in tent and she thought she lost a tooth. It was funny, but I felt bad for her. I wish I had caught in on video. I know, worst daughter ever! We have been gone for over a month now but we still have one more class then headed back home to sunny Florida. Have a great Fall everyone do something different.

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