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 Fast Track, Catching Up With Motocross Champ Ashley Fiolek. Image of Ashley making jumps over dirt hills on her motocross motorcycle

In recent months, I’ve have a fun time teaching at AFMX schools in Georgia and Florida, which has kept me flying back and forth. Then my really awesome sponsors invited me to two different women’s ride days!

Ashley snapped a photo of her friend who is driving on a dirt train with a backdrop of grassy rolling hills.A huge thanks to the people at Fox for their “Babe’s Ride Out 2” event. It was incredible and only ladies that ride moto could join. We had a great adventure on a bunch of different trails in Gorman, CA, northwest of Los Angeles. It was a good experience because it was just a bunch of girls who wanted to have fun.

I got to ride with some of my friends, as well as with some girls that I met at the event. We camped there, too. There were raffles, pit-bike races, delicious BBQ, and karaoke. Lucky for everyone there, I did not sing!

The weather was super windy but no one seemed to mind, we were all having too good of a time, enjoying everyone’s company, and basking in the love of dirt bikes.

Selfie Image of Ashley Fiolek, Her friend Ash and her manager, Miki, in motocross biker gearRecently, I got back from the second cool event, which took place in the Pacific Northwest. It was sponsored by Husqvarna, which threw a girls’ ride event in Washougal, WA—30 minutes west of Portland, OR. During my racing days, Washougal had one of my favorite tracks, so I was really pumped to go there. My best friend, Ash, was my plus one, and my agent, Miki, drove up to meet us as she only lives four hours away. We all made a number of new friends.

As you might imagine by the name, it was for women riders only, which also included newbies who wanted to learn how to ride. It was amazing to me to see all the girls and how motivated they were. They were riding great, ripping up those trails in the woods.

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Husqvarna is thinking of throwing a similar event in Colorado in the next few months. I will definitely be going again and, if any girls out there reading this want to join us, make sure you sign up when you see it advertised! It’s great to see people in the industry sponsoring girls-only events.

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Image of Ashley Making a twisting jump. Promotion:Ashley Fiolek Womens MX Riding


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