Ashley Fiolek — I Got Married!

Ashley Fiolek and her mother Roni
Ashley Fiolek and her mother Roni

As usual, I have been very busy! I hate to just be sitting still. It makes me crazy. I even started doing Bite Squad deliveries because I have been so bored, and I like to experience meeting different people. I know, I am a nut. Haha!

On December 5th, I got married. I was so worried everything was not going to turn out because of Covid or the weather, but it was wonderful. And everything turned out perfectly! We used a castle for our ceremony, which was really cold because it has been cold here in Florida for some reason and obviously the castle doesn’t have any heat or electricity. But the actual ceremony was not that long. So, it wasn’t too bad. We had the reception back at our house, and it was just amazing and so much fun!

We rented a big tent, and my mom’s friends set up all of the lighting on our property. Some other friends made appetizers and played music (for the hearing people haha). My parents made a bunch of BBQ and side dishes, and it was a HUGE party! We had a photo booth area, and I hired a bartender to serve up the drinks! The weather was cold outside, but no rain. So, that is good. We had a bonfire and big heaters set up outside to stay warm. The partying actually started on Thursday with the bachelorette party. Then on Friday was kind of a family dinner, which was an oyster roast outside. Saturday was the wedding, and Sunday was clean up! Of course, when everything was cleaned up and put away, we broke out the dirt bikes and go karts and started riding around. No wedding is every complete without some dirt bike riding! It was definitely a time to remember.

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At the wedding Travis Pastrana and his wife, Lindz, invited us to come to his place for a huge New Years Eve party. For those of you that don’t know, Travis is an X Game-many times-Gold medal winner and leader of the crazy Nitro Circus crew! He is down for doing or trying anything that is dare devilish! Everyone stayed at his place for about 4 or 5 days, and, of course, by the end of it, we were all doing back flips into his foam pit! I brought some friends along, too, and it was definitely a good way to ring in the New Year!

After we were back home, I was again bored! I flew up to my friend Sarah’s house. We kind of reconnected at my wedding. We have been friends forever. I used to look up to her when I first started riding. Sarah Whitmore was one of the top female pro riders at the time and a really sweet girl. She helped me to get sponsors, and she and I just really clicked. I’m glad our friendship has lasted so long. She and her husband live in Wisconsin. So, I had hoped to go snowboarding up there, but the weather was not cooperating. We just wound up chilling and talking about old times racing. We also worked at Marvel together doing the traveling show, so we had plenty to talk about!

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As soon as I was home, I was still itching to go snowboarding since I couldn’t in Wisconsin. My sister-in-law invited us to head to Utah and then on to Wyoming for some snowboarding. Some of my friends from Virginia were going to Jackson Hole, so I thought I would surprise them. I have not been snowboarding for about 5 years. So, I was a little worried I would be pretty rusty, but I soon got back into the groove of things and had a great time! The next day we went tubing. It has been a blast, cold but fun! I will be driving back to Utah today and then heading home soon. I’m sure I will be bored again in a couple of weeks, but maybe I can ride by then. Stay warm and dry everyone!

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