Ashley Fiolek — Is 32 old?

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Ashley scrubbing a jump riding

It has been crazy for me the last few months. I qualified for the Loretta Lynn National championship so I’m very excited about that! My last time racing there was in 2006 so it should be pretty fun to come back and do it all again. I will be racing on my stock 125 and it was just a goal of mine this year to make it in and to see if I could still race since I’m an old woman of 32 now!

I have been traveling all over to ride at different tracks which has been really fun. There were some private tracks and the owners let me come and ride. It was so thoughtful and sweet of them to open up their tracks and to let me ride.

My family all went to the RedBud national race to watch and to hang out. After the race my dad told me that he would stay with me in his motorhome so that he can bring me to the tracks to ride and to work on my bike for me. I am very blessed that he can do this, his job lets him work remotely so he gets up at 4 am to work and then I ride then he has to do some more work then he can work on my bike. Poor dad. It has been great for me to have my dad here so I can just focus on riding and not working on my bike because I really have no idea what I am doing haha….

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During this time that I’ve been riding and practicing I also had two photoshoots with Alpinestars gear. The first one was in LA and the second one I just finished out in Washougal Washington after the men’s national race. They are a great group to hang out with and I had a lot of fun. It?s so nice to be back riding on the Astars team again.

Well I am off to practice again I have a couple more days before we drive down to Hurricane Mills to set up camp for a week of great racing. If you happen to be there stop on by and say hi, I will be on my Yamaha 125 rocking number 67!

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