Ashley Fiolek — Mountain Biking

Ashley Fiolek mountain biking
Hello Moto fans! This summer is going by quickly and as usual it is not boring! Me, Lindsey and my brother, Kicker, left my parents at Fort Wilderness (Disney World resort campground) and headed out to Nashville and stayed at my friend, Natalie’s house. We went and watched a Monster Truck race and had a really great time, it is a very fun event to watch and my brother was amazed. After Nashville we headed to Roanoke VA as a stop on our way to Washington DC. We hit a few different wineries in VA and just admired the beautiful scenery.

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When we got to Washington, Kicker realized he forgot his headphones and couldn’t talk to any of his gaming buddies. My mom sent me to the store to try and find some, but of course, when I brought them back they didn’t work. I had plans to go out and meet some friends for dinner so while I was waiting for the food I ordered him some headphones off of Amazon Prime 1 hour. They text me when the delivery guy was in the lobby and my brother went down and picked them up, how crazy is that?

After DC we headed up to Michigan to visit with my grandparents and to hit all of my favorite restaurants! Best Coney’s, Burgers and Polish food! I miss all of that down in Florida. We also hit up a few of Michigan’s casinos when I sent my brother back home for his first solo flight. My friend, Brittany from Florida flew up from Florida to meet us and go hang out at Red Bud. She used to race moto too and has always wanted to go to the famous Red Bud race, as usual it didn’t disappoint the crowds were crazy, it was hot and tons of amazing racing to watch!

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After Brittany flew back home we headed up to Mackinaw and went over the bridge to the Upper Peninsula. We did some camping in Marquette because we wanted to hit a well know mountain bike trail up there, it was the best trail I have ever ridden on it was so gorgeous up there too. We got to do some fishing but not as much as we wanted too because the weather was not cooperating.

On the way back home we visited some friends in Wisconsin. One was my old mechanic, his daughter is Deaf so it was fun to catch up with him and hang out and sign with his daughter.

In the middle of August I will be off again to start doing some summer time MX classes and some riding, I’m really looking forward to it. Catch you all at the track…


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