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Ashley FiolekIts summer time and my MX schools are rocking out! As I mentioned before, my classes have been on the East coast this summer instead of on the West. I’m excited to be over on the East, less driving for me and the weather has been beautiful!

My first class was in Illinois. I had already driven up there with my two Husky bikes and my trailer, so I knew I would be there in time. We had a few stops along the way to get some mountain bike riding In; it was a nice slow trip. I had to pick my mom up from O’Hare airport so she could interpret for my class. I left the trailer at the track, and I used some of my free hotel points to grab her and hang out in Chicago for the day! We woke up nice and early on Saturday and headed to the track. It was a really beautiful track and a perfect day after Florida’s never-ending heat. I had one of my biggest classes ever, and it was different because I had a lot of men/ boys in my class. It is normally only opened to women. It was a fun day, and a lot of the guys were friends. And, of course, they were all very competitive. So, whenever I showed them how to do something, they were trying to compete with each other 🙂 It made the class very fun. I also had a couple of cute little kids that were really into it and were trying their hardest to do everything I asked of them. As soon as the class finished, we left because we had a long drive to get to the next campground. My mom was not scheduled to fly out until Monday, so we had some time to set up at the campground and also to head back into Chicago to visit on Sunday. We explored downtown, had the most amazing sushi ever and took touristy pics at the famous Chicago “Bean”! So glad we had the chance to go to Joliet MX track and hold a class there.

The second class was being held up in Wisconsin on Labor Day weekend. My mom flew into Chicago again. We had packed up my bikes and trailer and were headed back to Chicago to pick her up. We realized we couldn’t really drive the truck and trailer into the airport area so my poor mom had to Lyft her way out to an empty parking lot! Thank God for moms! Right? When she arrived we had almost a four-hour drive to the next track. We made pretty good time and didn’t arrive to the campground too late. We actually stayed at a campground that was connected to a casino/hotel! It was a beautiful spot and we were allowed to use all of the hotel’s amenities. We had a great 2 day stay there. This time the class was for 2 days with 2 different groups of people. It was with a group called Off Road Youth Organization, the group teaches young riders the thrill and joy of riding! How great is that? They even provide the bikes! They mostly do trail riding with some of them doing a little MX. My class was a “reward” for all of their hard work throughout the year. The track was Sugar Maple MX and it was in the middle of corn fields and farmland, but so beautiful! The first day I worked with all the youth riders and members. We had a great time, and they were very eager to learn and to ride. We played some games, and at the end of the class my mom and I eat tacos with everyone and sat around a fire —It was a little cold.— I answered some questions and just hung out with everyone. It was a really beautiful day.

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On the next day I worked with about 5 little kids and a couple of preteens. It was a lot of fun. We just worked on the kids track because a couple of the kids were on 50?s, and there was no way they were getting on the big track! There was one little boy. He was only 5 but so cute, and he was very eager to learn. They all were! I had so much fun with them, but it was a long day for some of them. They were not used to riding like that! We played a couple of games at the end of the day and snapped some pics. I really appreciate them inviting me. After class, we had to hurry and start our long drive to Indiana for a night of camping. We were headed to Michigan next to visit some family and relax before I would be doing a Babes Ride Out class and camping experience with Husky and Fox!

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