Ashley Fiolek — Quick Trip to London

Ashley in LondonBrrrr this winter has been really weird in Florida! First we had record breaking “warm” days for January now we have freezing temps, it’s amazing we are all not sick — oh and of course there is still lots of pollen in lovely Florida!

I picked up my new Huskys recently, but have not had the chance to ride, we had some sad family news, then it was the Christmas season. And my brother turned 16! He wanted to go to the Hard Rock casino for his birthday so he could watch us play BlackJack haha, I think he wants to be a card shark when he grows up. On our way back from the casino we stopped and picked up my dad’s Christmas gift, a new English Bulldog puppy, he is a pistol but super cute it is hard to stay mad at him.

My girlfriend and I headed over to London last week, it was our Christmas gift to each other. We have been before, but this time we wanted to do the trip like “locals” and not as tourists. I planned out and found the best cocktail places and food finds. On our way out we had a 3 hour layover in Detroit, so we just hung at the airport as we waited for our flight to the UK. It was a great flight out, smooth as can be and you know when you are excited to start your trip the time doesn’t really matter! It was an overnight flight so we got there at 6am. We decided to wait around in the airport because we couldn’t check in to our hotel yet. We charged up our phones and exchanged money then took advantage of Wifi because we didn’t know what to expect at the hotel.

The hotel was perfect and we decided to just walk everywhere and not Uber or take a car. One of the day’s we walked 3.5 miles to this pasta restaurant, I thought I was going to pass out! I’m not built for walking just riding! Luckily the food was definitely worth it and I would make that walk again if I had too. It is strange, but we had the best fried chicken sandwiches and burgers over there you wouldn’t think so, but the food was amazing!

We tried a whole bunch of new cocktails too, for some reason a lot of them came in glasses shaped like birds? Not sure what that means.

My brother is super hard to buy for, he is really picky, so we were scouring London trying to find the perfect gift for him for two days! We finally spotted a Vans store (he loves Vans) it was huge. We went in and we both saw the perfect shirt at the same time! I was so excited to give it to him, it had Vans/London on it, but the colors were red white and blue, super cool.Ashley in London

One bar we went to is famous for their Mirror Margaritas. It tastes just like a really good margarita, but it is perfectly clear! It kind of blows your mind because it looks like water, but tastes like a Margarita! It is the number one margarita in London and number 7 in the world! I brought a bottle of them home for my mom.

check this out

Well, that is all for my winter adventures! I’m starting to get my summer school schedule finalized now. If you live on the East Coast hopefully you can make it to one of my classes.

Stay warm everyone!

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