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Ashley Fiolek on her husky 2020
Ashley Fiolek on her new 2020 Husqvarnas (Husky)

Crazy times! The whole world is changing right now and everyone is trying to adapt and catch up with the new rules and the way things are now. Who knows if it will even go back to how things were?

Such a let down about sports! My brother loves basketball and was so bummed to hear about the college games and then the NBA he was like “What will I do now? I only watch The Office and basketball!” Poor guy. Then of course Supercross was cancelled and now the first round of the outdoor races! What the heck? I actually love to watch all sports now so it has definitely been a challenge to try and find things to watch.

A few weeks ago one of our friends from Utah came to town. She was here for a while and we were bored so we made a last minute decision to do a mini road trip to Charleston, SC. There were a few restaurants and bars we wanted to show her from a previous trip that we took there. We had a great time just hanging out it was before everything started to go on lock down and become crazy so I’m glad we got the chance to go there. We also went to Fort Wilderness with my family in our motorhome for a few days, didn’t go to the parks, just went to camp and hang out with our dogs. While we were there they made the announcement to shut down the parks and then also the hotels, but we left on the day all that was happening anyway so it didn’t effect us.

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As I mentioned in my last column I picked up my new 2020 Husqvarnas and they look amazing! They are super fast too I was riding one around our property and was very impressed. I will be lucky when I start doing my classes that will have these bikes to ride. My classes will be in the North East again this fall and I’m really looking forward to it there are some amazing tracks that I rode last year that I am really looking forward to riding again, all the students loved them too. If anyone is interested in attending a class

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you can check them out at my website for more information. I was suppose to have a Babes ride out at the end of April, its where girls come and can learn how to ride. It is set up through Husqvarna and Fox and is a lot of fun with camping and riding they had to move it to the middle of October just to play it safe at least it didn’t get totally cancelled.

Well that is all for now, stay safe everyone!

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