Sushi Break!

Ashley Fiolek - Sushi Break!

In the last issue I mentioned that I started a new gig with the Marvel Universe LIVE! show. I play a Hydra Agent and get to ride an electric bike and do stunts.

After a while, I got bored with just having one part in the show, and besides that it was all the way in the second act, so I asked the producers if I could do more. Now, in addition to playing a bad Hydra Agent, I also get to play a good Shield Agent!

Instead of riding on a bike, Shield Agents take part in a fight scene. It was hard for me at first because I had to remember where all of my fighting parts were, and when and where I was supposed to enter the stage—all without relying on music or sound cues. Finally I got the hang of it, and now I’m thrilled to be in both the first and second acts instead of sitting around and waiting so much!

Most of the media loves the Shield Agents’ parts, and I do a lot of public relations for the show with that group. But hey, I’m used to PR so no big deal!

Given that we had all been working and training hard since April, we recently got a weeklong vacation from the show. As soon as I found out we could fly home for a week I made flight reservations ASAP! My roommate and fellow Marvel show buddy, Brittany, was also going to be going back home to California for the week.

Ashley Fiolek - Sushi Break!We started to make plans to catch up on all of the things at home we missed while on tour. It’s weird to think of going home as your vacation, but that’s exactly how it was! I was excited to come back to my Cali friends and to play with my dogs again. It had been such a long time!

At first, when we walked through the door, the dogs stayed close to our new roommate, Mikey. They looked like they weren’t sure who we were because it had been over four months since we’d seen them! When we said their names, they rushed over to us, jumping up and down with their tails wagging. I especially missed Bambi, my Australian shepherd, and it was great to be back with her and the others for the week!

I got to ride my Husqvarna—a real dirt bike, not an electric one! It felt so right to be back out on a real track pushing it and zipping around in the sunshine, instead of the being in the confines of an air-conditioned show. I went to a couple of my favorite tracks and had a great time playing around.

As you may know, I love to eat and of course I have some fave restaurants in California! There’s a sushi place close to my house that is the bomb! I missed it so much. Luckily I got to go there twice while I was home. I also went up to Hollywood with my friend, Ryan, and we walked around for a while, and also ate at another one of my favorite restaurants, where you boil your own meats and seafood in a pot. Needless to say, I did a lot of eating out while I was home!

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Before we flew back to Washington, DC, for another round of shows, Brittany’s family had a BBQ for us. They let us bring some friends over and the dogs. It was a wonderful day of relaxing, swimming in the pool, and hanging out, hours before we had to catch a red eye to head back east.

I still have seven more months of shows left. Hope to see you at one of them!

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