Ashley Fiolek — Things getting back to normal?

Ashley Fiolek bikingTime is flying by its almost summer and most of us have been stuck indoors. I hope everyone is doing well and staying entertained! I am lucky we live in a tiny house on my parents ten acres in Florida. We have been able to be outside a lot and hang by the pool or go for walks everyday. I feel so bad for those of you that have been stuck inside. Most of my family is still in Michigan and they have been miserable with only a couple nice days to go outdoors. It also just snowed up there not too long ago, ugh, so glad I am not up there right now.

Our state has been slowly opening up so we got to do downtown to Saint Augustine a couple of weekends ago it was a lot of fun. A little strange tho to see people wearing masks and trying to figure out the whole social distancing thing! My mom and I ‘braved? Costco and my mom said she is not going back because she can?t do the whole mask thing it freaks her out! Things are definitely different and it does take some getting used to. My mom and I like the whole instacart things and pretend it is like being in Vegas and you don?t know what you are going to get or not, it?s a little stressful but fun at the same time.

I have had a hard time getting campgrounds for my classes in the fall because most of the campgrounds were closed and they don?t have online reservations. Luckily things started to open up and I have booked a few things. Hopefully by the end of August I will still be able to have classes and motocross tracks will be opened back up again!

I can?t wait to get on my dirt bikes and ride again. We are going to take my dad over to Croom Forest over on the other coast for Father?s day and we will be able to ride through the forest trails with him. We did that last year too it?s always nice to ride with him and my brother and then we camp and stay the whole weekend. Dogs are not allowed over there so my mom is stuck at home with our four crazy dogs.

I am hanging in Utah right now riding my mountain bike and going tubing in the river. It has been very hot here and the water feels great! Just hanging with friends and family and soaking up some vitamin D. I was a little worried about traveling but we were able to book hotel rooms and rent a condo so at least in some parts of the US things are getting back to normal!

Stay safe and healthy and hope to see you all at the track or trails!

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