Ashley’s Column — Spring in My Step

Spring is here, and even though my season has yet to start, I have been very busy!

During this time of year, I am mostly dedicated to starting my new training sessions. But this year I’ve also been working on a Red Bull commercial that will debut in April. I can’t really say too much about it (it’s “top secret!”), but it was a blast to film! My mom and I went to California for a week to shoot the commercial and to do a bunch of follow-up interviews for it. It was actually a really grueling week, and it made me glad I’m not an actress! I’d rather ride my bike and have fun than do the same scene over and over.

The weather has been crazy lately, too! It had been freezing down in Florida and I was excited to go to California for some warmth—but when we were flying out there a huge rain storm struck and brought in a cold front! The track where we filmed was a cold, muddy mess. Fortunately everyone working on the commercial was great and we all braved the mud and the cold.

After we finished shooting I headed on over to another track to do a photo shoot for Honda. The pictures Honda uses for its press kits and posters had to be finished as soon as possible, and I was running out of clothes, so Stephanie, Honda’s public relations person, took us to her house after the photo shoot and my mom caught up on our laundry. Then Stephanie drove me to her local spa and I got a massage! Lucky me! Friday morning we woke up nice and early to get to the studio and wrap up everything that was needed for the commercial. Saturday was the SX race day, out in Anaheim, CA. The race was dedicated to breast cancer awareness, so my teammates and I signed autographs and did a bunch of interviews related to the cause. The SX race was a really cool event, and it was nice to see so many riders supporting the fight against breast cancer.

After all of the action out in California, it was great to get back to training and riding at home. Things were going along pretty well until my dad got a call from one of my sponsors, Alpinestars. The sponsor wondered if I would be interested in doing a skit with Drama from The Fantasy Factory (a show on MTV, with professional skateboarder Rob Drydek). It sounded pretty fun and wouldn’t interfere with my riding, so I headed back out to California, yet again.

Working with the Alpinestars group is a great experience—I’ve been a rider of theirs for five years now, and I know the team pretty well. My friend Brittany was able to fly out there with me, too. She knows some sign language, and she and I communicate well together. Since it was established that I would mostly be riding for the skit, my mom and dad didn’t need to come interpret for me.

Alpinestars worked with Honda to get my bike out to me and to bring a bike for Drama to ride, too. My race mechanic, Toshi, joined us out there, also. It was a long day, but a lot of fun! I got to ride and goof around on my bike, Drama and his friends were funny and entertaining, and we all had a great time!

Now I’m back home and ready to ride and train—but who knows what other cool “projects” might pop up?

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