Meet Elin, The German Sesame Street’s First Muppet with a Disability

Elin, a female muppet with long black hair sits in a wheelchair.
A muppet with a disability moves into the German Sesame Street: Elin. She is a young girl who likes tinkering with tech, talks a bit much, sometimes mixes up words and uses a wheelchair. Elin is now a permanent and regularly appearing character in “der Sesamstraße” on the German TV channel Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR).  ... Read more

Kenton Hall – My Bipolar and Getting Where I Needed to Be

Black and white image of Kenton Hall, a man with chin-long brown hair and a beard. He is standing in an empty room with bare brick walls and the sun is shining through small windows.
Kenton Hall is a singer/songwriter, filmmaker, author, and proud dad of twin daughters, and he has just released his double album “Idiopath” and “Omniopath,” featuring 33 1/3 tracks. Hall also has bipolar disorder, diagnosed after he ran away from his abusive parents from Canada to the UK as a teenager. ABILITY Magazine’s Karina Sturm ... Read more

Christoph Glötzner, the Young German Paralympian, Racing Towards Gold!

A young man sitting in front of five rings: a blue, black, red, yellow and green one, symbolizing the Paralympics. He is wearing a yellow and black sports outfit and spreading his hands while smiling.
60, 59, 58 – Christoph Glötzner can see the countdown ticking down on the large black clock right in front of him. 57, 56, 55. He’s wearing a yellow and black suit and holds ski poles in each hand with mini skis attached at their ends. The athlete in front of him had just ... Read more

Meghan O’Rourke and The Invisible Kingdom

A woman with long brown hair sits on a chair in a living room. She wears blue jeans and a brown sweater. Behind her is a large window.
Living with complex chronic health conditions is like living in The Invisible Kingdom, according to Meghan O’Rourke’s new bestseller with the same title. O‘Rourke is a journalist, poet, author and the recipient of numerous awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Radcliffe Fellowship, a Whiting Nonfiction Award, and the May Sarton Poetry Prize, among others. ... Read more

Maya Chupkov — Becoming a Proud Stutter

Logo of Proud Stutter: An illustrations of two women with long brown hair and some lighter highlights. A colorful background and text: Proud Stutter
Maya Chupkov has been stuttering all her life and faced many challenges because of her speech pattern. However, instead of hiding her disability, she is now using her podcast Proud Stutter to shift the narrative around stuttering. ABILITY’s Karina Sturm speaks with Maya Chupkov in an interview for ABILITY Magazine’s new podcast about her ... Read more

Athletes from Russia and Belarus Banned from Competing in the 2022 Winter Paralympics

Olympic truce symbol
In a statement on the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) website published on March 2, 2022, the IPC shares their “sympathies for the Ukrainian athletes” and their “delight that the full delegation of the Ukrainian Paralympic Team arrived safely in Beijing.” They also emphasized that Russia needed to be held accountable for the breach of ... Read more

DIAL – Covid-19 Center Supporting People with Disabilities

COVID-19 Vaccination support for People with Disabilities
For many people, the pandemic seems over. They have been vaccinated and are going back to their regular lives. For people with disabilities, on the other hand, not much has changed. Especially those who belong to the “vulnerable population,” those at high risk of developing severe symptoms if infected with the virus, are facing ... Read more

Win the Movin’On Challenge 2022 with your inclusive design

A transparent little cart with three people inside: A man with sunglasses and curly hair, a woman with a phone on her ear and a woman with blonde hair who is in a wheelchair
Have you ever won a design competition? If yes, congratulations. Maybe you want to try again! If not, there is always a first time, and here is your chance! The Movin’On Challenge Design is open for entries for their annual competition and looking for innovative new ideas to “help create a world with more ... Read more

Lachi: Fighting for accessibility and inclusion for musicians with disabilities

A Screenshot of a diverse group of people on Zoom
Lachi is a blind singer and songwriter. However, more than that, she is advocating for talent in the music industry. A few weeks ago, she was part of the 2021 panel on disability and inclusion. Together with renowned violinist Gaelynn Lea, Oscar-nominated songwriter Siedah Garrett, singer and guitarist Ryan Nelson, hip-hop artist Namel ... Read more

Alan Toy as President Roosevelt in NBC’s Annie Live!

Alan Toy and FDR in wheelchair NBC’s Annie Live
Alan Toy, an actor on stage and screen and a Leader in the Disability Community, was chosen to play the role of the iconic commander in chief President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in NBC’s holiday spectacular “Annie Live!”  As one of the most beloved and biggest musicals in Broadway history and the winner of seven ... Read more

CVS Health Agrees with Disability Advocates and Stops Supreme Court Case

An illustration with a red heart and two hands shaking.
The supreme court case CVS v. Doe came to an end when CVS Health sat down with the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and the National Council on Independent Living and decided to work together to seek ... Read more

The Deadliest Disease in America

Crystal Emery
“Nobody wanted to talk about what racism looks like in healthcare,” said Crystal R. Emery, filmmaker, author, activist, and public speaker, speaking of her challenges in making her latest documentary. In “The Deadliest Disease in America,” Emery traces the history of racism in American healthcare and unveils the continuing disparities in the quality of ... Read more

ALL RIDERS: The battle for accessibility of New York City’s metro system

All RIders the struggle for accessible New York City Metro System
The new documentary ALL RIDERS highlights the ongoing fight for accessibility – specifically, access to the metro system – in New York City. In an emotional 15-minute documentary, director Victor Dias Rodrigues and producer Branton Choi take their audience on a journey through New York’s underground and portray the lost and won battles: for ... Read more

Gaming for All: Disability, Accessibility and Representation 

Gamers accessible access
Much has changed over the last years regarding disability representation on- and off-screen and accessibility for people with disabilities in all areas of life. However, we still have a bit to go, especially in one particular sector: gaming. ABILITY Magazine’s Karina Sturm speaks with Anita Mortaloni, Director of Accessibility Xbox at Microsoft, about Microsoft’s ... Read more

The Paralympics: Competition in Goalball, Wheelchair Basketball, Swimming, Para-cycling and much more

Team USA already won three medals, with their first medal secured by Para cyclist Shawn Morelli, who raced to silver on Wednesday, August 25. Morelli started a streak of three, and hopefully many more medals to come in the following days of competition.  As a Para cyclist, Morelli isn’t a novice. She has already ... Read more

240 athletes join the Tokyo Paralympics as Team USA

Deepa Malik Paralympics
The pandemic has caused extensive disruptions in most people’s lives. For athletes with disabilities, who worked hard to be prepared to compete in the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020, COVID interrupted their careers, and their incredible athletic efforts weren’t acknowledged and celebrated. However, finally, after more than a year-long wait, the 240-member 2020 U.S. Paralympic ... Read more

Together, we aren’t rare! Let’s talk about Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

A shirt print: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome - EDS Awareness
Twenty-five million people in the US are affected by rare diseases – many of them are genetic and life-limiting. One of these conditions is Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), an unknown and neglected disorder of the connective tissue that can lead to severe disability. Over the last years, popular figures like Jameela Jamil and Mandy Harvey ... Read more

17.7 Million Americans with disabilities voted in the 2020 election

EAC people with disabilties vote
Elections are critical events for people with disabilities. However, despite having a lot at stake and wanting to vote, access barriers have kept many people with disabilities from participating in elections. An unexpected consequence to the pandemic, the 2020 election became more accessible, which seemed to have boosted voter turnout, a recent study by ... Read more