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Adventures — Ashley Fiolek

So we are all settled into our new house in Utah. We have been getting a lot of snow and my dog Bambi just loves it! This is her first time seeing snow and I thought she would freak out but I can barely get her to come back into the house. I haven’t ... Read more

Ashley’s Column — Abroad with Down Time

Circa 2009-10 We’re in the middle of what is called “down time” in women’s motocross. This means we’re done with our racing season and that I won’t start back up again until April, when I head on over to Europe to race in the women’s FIM racing series. As you might remember, I broke ... Read more

ASHLEY FIOLEK — Teen MotoCrosser Zooms Ahead

Circa 2009 “Because she’s deaf…she never heard people tell her it was impossible,” said Jim Fiolek as he stood alongside the motocross track in Lake Elsinore, CA, watching his daughter, Ashley, ride. And yet, something tells us that it wouldn’t have slowed her down even if she had heard. By the age of 17, ... Read more

Utah’s my new home — Ashley Fiolek

Things are crazy in Utah! A lot has been going on, I have done a couple of classes, went on a few weekend adventures and moved into a house! I will try and fill ya in…. I had a couple of classes in Colorado and also in Ogden Utah. In Utah the class was ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — Settling In

I‘m now pretty settled in Utah and enjoying it so far, except for the heat! I know, I know, I’m from Florida. It shouldn’t bother me, but we were having a mild Spring/Summer in Florida. And now, it is in the 100’s here! We couldn’t move into our campground for a while, so we ... Read more

Ashely Fiolek is on the move

Happy Summer everyone! Well not really yet, but it finally feels like summer at least here in Florida. Just watched the outdoor round of Moto at Pala Raceway out in California, so excited the outdoor races have started again it looks like it will be a heated series, I’m really looking forward to watching ... Read more

Face Masks and Lip Reading

The days are just flying by, SX (supercross) is in full swing and I have been watching every second of it. Unfortunately, right now they are on a three week break so that is kind of a bummer I have to go back to watching Netflix and not SX! I have even made my ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — I Got Married!

As usual, I have been very busy! I hate to just be sitting still. It makes me crazy. I even started doing Bite Squad deliveries because I have been so bored, and I like to experience meeting different people. I know, I am a nut. Haha! On December 5th, I got married. I was ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — Fall in Line

I‘ve been traveling the East coast for my AFMX schools which has been the highlight of my summer and fall 🙂 It has been exciting and fun with my mom and Lindsey. The weather has been off and on with raining and very cold weather but we’ve been lucky with the classes to have ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — Things getting back to normal?

Time is flying by its almost summer and most of us have been stuck indoors. I hope everyone is doing well and staying entertained! I am lucky we live in a tiny house on my parents ten acres in Florida. We have been able to be outside a lot and hang by the pool ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — Stay Safe

Crazy times! The whole world is changing right now and everyone is trying to adapt and catch up with the new rules and the way things are now. Who knows if it will even go back to how things were? Such a let down about sports! My brother loves basketball and was so bummed ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — Quick Trip to London

Brrrr this winter has been really weird in Florida! First we had record breaking “warm” days for January now we have freezing temps, it’s amazing we are all not sick — oh and of course there is still lots of pollen in lovely Florida! I picked up my new Huskys recently, but have not ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — MX schools

Its summer time and my MX schools are rocking out! As I mentioned before, my classes have been on the East coast this summer instead of on the West. I’m excited to be over on the East, less driving for me and the weather has been beautiful! My first class was in Illinois. I ... Read more

The Vineyard’s Voice

Before it was known for the ferry ride, blue-shell crab and tangerine sunsets, my home, Martha’s Vineyard, was occupied by the Wampanoag Indians. The tribe is still around and has its own trust lands on the southwest part of the Vineyard. The Island is about 20 miles long east to west, not even as ... Read more

Breaking the Mold — Ashley Fiolek

Whew, hot summer so far! Florida has been sweltering, but I still love it here. My family and I kicked off the summer by heading down to Orlando and hitting up some hotels, so we could hang out at the amusement parks. Universal opened up a new “economy” hotel and we wanted to check ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — Babes in the Dirt 5

Hope everyone’s spring/summer is starting off great! It’s super hot here in Florida right now, it’s weird because it was kind of chilly for a really long time, which is not normal in Saint Aug, but this last week was a scorcher! Today it was 95, but “felt like” 102 🙂 So last column ... Read more

MX School

I normally do most of my MX classes in the summer time but I recently had a “spring” class in Texas. It was at a track in Floresville, Texas. When I was growing up racing this was one of my favorite tracks to ride/race at. My family and I have been there many times ... Read more

Kurt Yaeger, Chet Cooper, Ashley Fiolek and China Press are DRLC Honorees

Usually when we hear about China, the stories focus on factories and goods, jobs shipped overseas and other news items that make the country sound uninviting. But when ABILITY Magazine’s Chet Cooper traveled to Beijing to meet some of his counterparts in publishing, he found himself forming lasting friendships. During that time, ABILITY Magazine and China ... Read more

Brrrrr….hope everyone is staying warm!

Brrrrr….hope everyone is enjoying the New Year and staying warm! We don’t have any snow here in Florida, but we have had some pretty cold weather and lots and lots of rain where I live. My family and I went to a Beach Blast here in St. Augustine to celebrate the New Year. It ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek – It’s a Secret!

I just got back home to Florida from California. I was doing a “top secret” project with Shift Colab and women’s motorcycle gear and apparel outlet ATWYLD, and I can’t wait for all of you to see the video when it is released! I flew out on Monday and arrived in Los Angeles late. ... Read more