Ashley Fiolek

Back on Track

  I hadn’t been riding that much since I left motocross in 2012, but this year I was eager to get back to it. So recently I’ve been out at the track more, where I’ve started a new relationship with the outdoor product manufacturer Husqvarna. My agent spoke with the Husky people, and they were able ... Read more


This winter has been a challenge for everyone to keep warm and dry. It’s been such crazy weather lately for everyone in the US, and me and my good friend, Brittany, decided to break away from the cold and rain—yep even in Cali it has not lived up to its normal warm standards. I ... Read more

Lights, Camera, Actress

When I worked on the SuperDeafy movie I met a lot of great people. One of them was the director and she was very nice! She said I had a natural talent for acting. She asked if I ever wanted to work with her again if something came up. Of course I said, “Yes.” ... Read more

No More Red Eyes

In my last column, I wrote about a difficult flight experience. Well, the bad luck seems to be following me! Recently, I needed to travel back east from California for an event. I was asked to give a speech at the University of Vermont for Deaf Awareness Week. I felt honored and excited about ... Read more

Worth the Flight Delay

My dad and I were approached by Red Bull and other companies to take part in a remake of the famous motorcycle film, On Any Sunday. We were excited. The movie was supposed to show my dad and I riding together and having a good time, which is how I first got started in ... Read more

Kickin’ up Dirt

When I first started as a professional motocross racer about five years ago, women used to have to park outside the racing area. Later, when they started to include us in the sport, we were able to move in and park where the men parked. Initially, women didn’t get any TV coverage, but then ... Read more

From Pigging Out to Nutrition Classes

Right now, not much racing is happening, so I’ve been doing different things to keep myself busy. Over Easter, my family wanted to see me, so they bought me a plane ticket to come home to Florida for a few days. I had a great visit, spending time with family, going to church and ... Read more

Balancing Work and Play

Recently I did interviews with CNN and Fitness magazine, where the same topic kept coming up: How do I balance work and play? That’s a good question, and I answer it differently than when I first started racing. Back when I was 7 years old, Mom and Dad took care of everything for me. ... Read more

A Concussion Tests Her Ability

I just wrapped up my last season racing the WMX (Women’s Motocross) Outdoor National series. We had eight rounds of racing and our last race of the season was held at a track in Lake Elsinore, CA. At the beginning of the year, I announced that this would be my last season racing in ... Read more

Switched at Conan

This year I have learned to expect the unexpected with my career. I was asked to be a part of two amazing adventures that I never could have imagined as a professional motocross racer. First, my mom received an email from the casting director of Switched at Birth, who asked if I could stop ... Read more

Sending 2012 Out With a Bang

During the crazy Christmas and New Year’s rush, I still found time to head out to California to do a photo shoot for Alpinestars. They flew us in to Zaca Station in Los Olivos, CA, about an hour northwest of Santa Barbara. When Chris from Alpinestars picked me up from the airport, he was ... Read more

PT II — More With The Teen Motocrosser

With her riding skills and a slew of wins, Ashley Fiolek is bringing women’s motocross racing out of the shadows and into the spotlight. At 18, she’s well on her way to changing the face and deepening the pockets of her growing sport. The first woman to ever grace the cover of the industry-popular ... Read more

The Wind Beneath Her Wheels

Lately everyone has been asking me the same questions over and over, so I thought I would bring them up in this column, in case ABILITY readers are wondering the same things. I keep getting asked about my bike set up, because I’m smaller than the average rider. People want to know how I ... Read more

Making the Move

My big move. I just started a new adventure. I moved from my home in St. Augustine, Florida, to California. I travel back and forth so much because most of the motocross industry is in Southern California and most of my friends are here, too, so I decided it was time to head west. ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — Befriends Noora, an Iranian Racer

Last year, my mom and I read a newspaper article about Noora Moghaddas, who had just won a championship race in Iran, and was asked what her dreams were. One of them, she said, was to come to America to meet me, and possibly to race with me. She had read about some of ... Read more

Ashley’s Column — Spring in My Step

Spring is here, and even though my season has yet to start, I have been very busy! During this time of year, I am mostly dedicated to starting my new training sessions. But this year I’ve also been working on a Red Bull commercial that will debut in April. I can’t really say too ... Read more

Ashley’s Column — International Language of Pizza

Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself before I start on my first column for ABILITY Magazine. My name is Ashley Fiolek, I am 18 years old, I was born deaf and I live in St. Augustine, Florida. I am a women’s professional motocross racer, and I race the WMA (which is a ... Read more

When CNN Came Calling

I was recently featured on two different CNN shows: Breakthrough Women and Road Warriors. If someone has a request for me to do a photo shoot, a video or some kind of press, it usually goes through my mom. Red Bull, Honda and all of my big sponsors know to contact either mom or dad, ... Read more

Ashley’s Column — ESPY Time!

Circa 2010 My life as an athlete doesn’t just mean that I get to race around a track. There are other perks to the job, too. Sometimes I get a chance to dress up and go out in style! This year I was nominated both for an ESPY and for a Teen Choice Award! ... Read more

Ashley’s Column — Perfecting My Poker Face

Circa 2010 The last couple of months have been pretty busy ones for me. I have been getting ready for my season to start while launching my new book, Kicking Up Dirt. As if that weren’t enough, I’ve also had to fulfill some sponsorship agreements. It is never dull around my house!   I ... Read more