Fengzhao (Lucas) Xu – Lens of Resilience

Exhibiting seamless talent in his latest project, Rye Above the Sea, Fengzhao (Lucas) Xu shares his journey as a Chinese immigrant in the United States, evocative of his psychological disorientation and emotional transitions, and as a form of representation for his community during the process. For Lucas, photography isn’t just his passion, but a ... Read more

China’s Zhou Yuchen — Expanding Her Life in Music

Zhou Yuchen was born in Sichuan in 2002, an accident at the age of 5 leaving her blind in the right eye and reducing the already-poor vision in her other eye to somewhere between 20/200 and 20/100. She has been playing piano since early childhood and is skilled with traditional Chinese musical instruments, such ... Read more

Wang Yuzhong — The Art of Chinese Seal Cutting

Wang Yuzhong was born in Beijing in 1958 and survived polio, Wang has persevered in the art of Chinese seal cutting for more than 40 years. In his young adulthood, his studies with Chinese seal cutting master Mr. Liang Yanyu gave him a foothold in traditional Chinese seal art. His further mentorship with Chinese ... Read more

Wu You — Poet

She likes Du Fu’s heartfelt openness of “singing in the daytime, indulging in wine, youth as a companion and returning home”, and admiring Su Shi’s open-mindedness of “the boat passes away from now on, the river and the sea send the rest of my life”. In Wu You’s view, poetry and literature are both ... Read more

Su Qing: Life Extended in Documentary Films

Born and raised in Inner Mongolia and now living in Beijing, Su is an independent documentary film director who worked at Chongqing TV and China Central Television between 1998 and 2002. During that time, several of his productions were released globally, including the TV serial drama Chinese Cultural Relics and the documentary series the ... Read more

Chen Ang — Therapist

“Easy. You may feel your muscles stretching a bit, but it’s okay. I’ll take care of that.” The patient’s upper arm was held up in one hand, the wrist cupped by all five fingers of the other, so that her glenohumeral joint could be rotated gently in rhythm, as it was now, overseen by ... Read more

Zhang Chaofan

Zhang Chaofan was born in Changchun, Jilin Province, China in 1992, with her left forearm missing. Through years of hard work, she founded an art school and a charity foundation under her name. She’s also received numerous awards and honors, including the China Youth May Fourth Medal, and was named National Women Pacesetter and ... Read more

China’s Yang Erlang: Drawing her World on Batik Wear

The “Night of China” show in London Fashion Week of 2020 unveiled a series of costumes of a Miao ethnic minority group from Danzhai, Guizhou. On the blue background of rough fabrics, the batik designs were visually created to tell of the Miao ancient stories passed down from generations. While the western fashion makers ... Read more

Big Cheng Popular Chinese Vlogger

Big Cheng was born in 1990 in Shaoyang, Hunan, she films her life and work when she embarks on a career in several Chinese leading internet companies, including Alibaba, NetEase, and Meituan, as a wheelchair user with a severe case of polio since her early childhood. The first time meeting Big Cheng, one would easily ... Read more

The Silent Cherry Blossom Season — Wuhan

Located in central China, one of the six megacities, Wuhan, has become globally known as the epicenter of the COVID-19 since Jan.. On the confluence of the Yangtze River and its largest tributary, the Han River, the city was historically divided into three different regions/towns, named Wuchang, Hankow and Hanyang ever since the East ... Read more

China’s National Health and Medical Commission released guidelines for Coronavirus prevention and control

On February 2nd, the National Health and Medical Commission issued the “Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of New Coronaviruses (First Edition)”, which included prevention and control of elderly, children and other special personnel, as well as kindergartens (or schools), nursing homes, and workplace There are clear regulations on prevention and control in specific ... Read more

Wang Lu and Her “Upper Hand” in Talk Shows

“Because no matter what script I came up with, the audience would cast an eye over my right hand.” So Lu changed her strategy: “Instead of having them wonder about my hand, it would be better just to ‘wave it off’ with a few explanations. Only then could I get their attention back to ... Read more

Xian Baokang: A Violin Craftsman in a Silent World

The results of the Violin Society of America (VSA) international competition in November 1998 came as a shock: The higher-than-usual judging criteria had cut the list of winners so short, that many hopeful candidates from Europe and America did not make it. Three that won the certificate of merit for tone were listed alphabetically ... Read more

Blind Ladies — We are not here to see, but to be seen

Statistics show more than 17.3 million blind people in China, meaning that one out of 100, cannot see or even know what they themselves look like whether they smile, are in tears or totter this way and that. But it doesn’t prevent them from embracing beauty as they come to understand it. Among them ... Read more

China’s Silent Choir

November 2013 witnessed Li Bo and Zhang Yong from Baise City, Guangxi, building from scratch a choir of 9 to 16-year-old children from Lingyun County of Guangxi and Xiamen City of Fujian, and all of them are deaf. From their hometowns to Beijing, from not speaking to a well-organized chorus, from silence to voice, ... Read more

Kurt Yaeger, Chet Cooper, Ashley Fiolek and China Press are DRLC Honorees

Usually when we hear about China, the stories focus on factories and goods, jobs shipped overseas and other news items that make the country sound uninviting. But when ABILITY Magazine’s Chet Cooper traveled to Beijing to meet some of his counterparts in publishing, he found himself forming lasting friendships. During that time, ABILITY Magazine and China ... Read more

Jing Hu Translation from the Heart

My name is Jing Hu, and I was born in 1984 and raised in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang, West China. The first three months of my birth were the first and last happy moment in my family. Then, in early 1985, I developed what appeared to be an inflammation in my lymph ... Read more

Meng Lihua — Dreammaker

Meng Lihua — Dreammaker Despite the frequent interviews she gives, Meng Lihua still avoids the camera. She stands upright, holding her hands tightly, and repeats herself: “Everyone will help people. Everyone is doing it, not only me.” One of her friends told her that she had been named as the “March Eighth Red Flag” ... Read more

China – ABILITY and China Press Join Forces

Recently ABILITY’s Chet Cooper traveled to Beijing to build a relationship with China Press for People with Disabilities. In the coming months, the partnership will result in an exchange of articles, art and ideas between the two countries. Our magazine will include stories from their organization, while their publications will feature stories produced by ... Read more

Poetry in Motion — Performers with Disabilities

China’s first special art performance to combine music, dance, and poetry by people with disabilities sowed seeds of appreciation in viewers. Whether these seeds continue to germinate with similar performances in the future, the experience pulled on the audience’s heartstrings, which is perhaps the greatest reward any poet could hope for. The expression “Poetry ... Read more