Jeff on a Roll

The Squeaky Wheel (HR)

It’s Human Resources Here to Inform You that Your Accommodations Request Was Approved. And You Got a Raise? Also, Your Childhood Crush Just Moved Back to Town and Wants to Grab a Bite? Dear employee, We are delighted to inform you that your request for reasonable accommodations has been approved. Effective immediately, you can ... Read more

The Woke Left has Taken Away People in Wheelchairs Hiding Their Legs Under a Raggedy Blanket

America used to be a place of freedom. A place where you could call an adult man “stumpy Stewie” because he lost his hand in a factory accident. And a place where you could send neurodivergent women to the hysteria ward just for funsies. Wheelchair users back then had the decency to cover up ... Read more

Thanks, Inflation! Man with 3 Disabilities Now Has 4

Due to the inevitable flow of supply and demand, and also increasing corporate shareholder profits, inflation is everywhere. When local man Thomas Cole visited his primary care physician Dr. Richmen, he found it there too. “I regret to have to tell you that in addition to your muscular dystrophy, arthritis and ADHD, we also ... Read more

5 Ways to Clarify You’re (Badass) Disabled and Not (Inspirational) Disabled

Everyone knows about the two types of disabled people. The traditional type is sad and inspirational, like the tiny boy with crutches who begs Ebenezer Scrooge for tidbits of hard bread with cold porridge. The new type of disabled is totally different and very cool, like the hot people with mobility aids from the ... Read more

Humor Therapy — Animals Could Have a Beef

Animals are a big part of human life. We love our pets. We go to zoos to observe them. We ride horses. We get milk and cheese from cows. And, of course, we make yummy dishes out of them. They are interwoven into our society. They have even become part of our everyday conversation ... Read more

Humor Therapy — Don’t You Dare Laugh!

So, these two Jews walk in a bar and… Oops let me try this. A Pollack and Catholic priest are in a plane and… Never mind. A drunk Irish man runs into a Mexican and says… I’ll leave that be. A black guy, a Chinese fellow and a gay Swede were driving down the ... Read more

Humor Therapy — Christmas isn’t looking so good?

I’m hoping this Christmas tops last year’s. Thanks to Covid, we weren’t allowed to travel anywhere in 2020 and couldn’t get our presents from family and friends. My God, did they get off easy! I haven’t forgotten, though. I sent out the word to my gift-giving circles, informing them that they’re still on the ... Read more

Humor Therapy — All Lie Dating

Dying is easy, dating is hard. It’s difficult to find the right person and, if by chance you’re lucky enough to find the right person, often they turn into the wrong person. This on-line dating has probably made things easier. You can start to weed people out before you waste a night on a ... Read more

Mommy Loves Best — Humor Therapy

With Mother’s Day coming up I got thinking… how in God’s name did my mom do it? How did she raise four bratty, snot-nosed, dirty kids and keep her sanity? For close to twenty some years we stole every waking minute of her life with our wants and needs only to move on with ... Read more

Humor Therapy — Lockdowns Bringing Me Down

The COVID-19 lockdowns have been worthless. We’ve been shutdown for months, and more people than ever are sick. The virus is like, “You really think you can hide from me? Do you know who I am? I’m the virus, dammit, and I’ll find you wherever you are. You’re not dealing with some chump here. ... Read more

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year — Humor Therapy

Well, the insane 2020 election is behind us…finally. It seemed like it might go on to 2024. I would’ve died a thousand deaths. One can only take so much of a bad thing. Some consider it a done deal while others are clinging to a miracle. So now, half the country is elated, and ... Read more

The Virus Ain’t So Bad?

Humor Therapy This Corona-virus has really become a pain in the tucas for many of us. It has brought this great country to a standstill. Just when it looked like we were done with it for a little while, the beast decided to hang around and wreak more havoc. Who would’ve ever thought we’d ... Read more

Humor Therapy — Virus 2020

Remember the old days when you used to have to get up in the morning and go to work. It seems so long ago. This coronavirus has certainly taken its toll on the economy but, on the upside, it has given a lot of people a sweet vacation. I wonder how many people used ... Read more

Humor Therapy – by Jeff Charlebois

Several months ago if one had to guess what could bring our thriving country to a complete stand still some of the guesses would probably be a major terrorist attack, a nuclear meltdown, an EMP attack, another banking crisis, a global internet crash, an asteroid, the cancelation of “The Bachelor”, or maybe even zombies. ... Read more

To Hell and Back

Every year I go visit my parents in Florida for the Christmas holidays. I always try and leave town a little earlier to avoid the onslaught of the masses who are fleeing to to be with their family and friends. There’s something about people that makes me want to avoid them. So, I do ... Read more

Humor Therapy — My Dating Life is Disabled

Dying is easy, dating is hard; pretending that you’re always happy, keeping up that easy-going facade, coming up with lies that everything is great in your life, trying to take off wrinkles with sandpaper, etc. The nuisances are endless. It’s almost not worth the trouble to find someone special. Now throw on top of ... Read more

The Great Fall

Yes, I know it sounds exciting to spend some time in a wheelchair; the primo handicap spots, zipping downhills, boarding a plane first, getting moved to the front of the line at Disneyland, etc. Oh, the perks. Maybe it’s been a dream of yours but being a disabled person for over thirty years it’s ... Read more

Humor Therapy — Calling Them Out

I’m really starting to believe I’m a very popular person. I must get twenty calls a day. My phone has never rung so much in my life. I used to get excited when the phone rang. Maybe it was an old friend I hadn’t talked to in years; or an ex-girlfriend realizing her mistake ... Read more

Humor Therapy — Who Needs People?

We are quickly becoming an anti-socializing world. Talking to each other has now become a major burden. I don’t believe it’s because we have become boring, people have always been boring. I think it’s from becoming distracted. Things have taken the place of people. We can no longer compete with smartphones, Netflix, and drugs. ... Read more

Need Some ESA?

These days it seems like everyone has some kind of Emotional Support Animal. An emotional support or assistance animal is a companion that a medical professional says provides some benefit for a person disabled by a mental health condition or emotional disorder. I’ve never heard of this until recently. When I grew up, everyone ... Read more