Long Haul Paul

No Matter What

It was a simple text, yet it was the start of a life-changing experience. “Hey Paul, do you want to speak in Anchorage or Fairbanks?” I’d been receiving invitations to speak at events in California as part of a West Coast tour this past June, but riding my bike to Alaska had been on ... Read more

Battling MS Symptoms

It’s been four years since I concocted this million-mile motorcycle journey for multiple sclerosis (MS), and I thought it might be a good time to review and evaluate my mission. I know I’ve missed some original goals and opportunities, but like fighting the disease itself, I charge forward with determination daily while continuing to chase the cure. I may have fallen ... Read more

Memory Faux Pas

By the spring of 2005, I was bothered by tingling, weakness and loss of dexterity in my hands. But it was my failing memory that scared me enough to seek answers. For two years, I had been secretly struggling with cognitive issues — fuzzy thinking, trouble making decisions, multitasking and short-term memory issues. My ... Read more

A tisket, a tasket, a broken clutch basket

The Yamaha Super Ténéré motorcycle has a reputation for being bulletproof, which is why I chose to ride one on my quest to document a million miles for multiple sclerosis (MS). My responsibility to its engineers is to wear out the motorcycle and find its breaking point. My reputation of pushing gear and accessories ... Read more

At Least I Wasn’t Rat Food

You would think meeting racing legends and top corporate executives in the motorcycle industry would warrant a good story, but, unfortunately, this adventure is about surviving a lodging experience at what will herein be referred to as “The Resort.” The AIMExpo is an international trade show, held once a year in Orlando, Florida, for ... Read more

Highway to Health Part III

My road trip began with unexpected coronary surgery and a two-wheeled dash from New Hampshire to the Arctic Circle in Alaska. The second part of this trip-of-a-lifetime was heading south through hellish heat in Vegas and Los Angeles. After 10,000 miles in less than two weeks, I would finally get to rest a few ... Read more


\ I’ve got a prescription in my pocket I bet most people around here would kill for.” I was invited to the Americade Motorcycle Rally in Lake George, NY, to present a few seminars. Everybody thought my script was for medical marijuana! And they guessed wrong! My presentation, MotoMedicine: Riding for Medicinal Purposes explores ... Read more

Riding for the Masses

Being asked to give a presentation 2000 miles away from my home in New Hampshire at the Iron Butt Association’s National Conference was the perfect excuse for a road trip. I took the long way to Denver to attend the biannual meeting of long distance motorcycle enthusiasts from around the globe. I thought it ... Read more

Powder Blue Tuxedo

  I just finished a brilliantly idiotic extreme Iron Butt ride to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society! I first received an invite to a gathering of motorcycle long distance riders, called a RTE, or ride to eat. Riders are invited to a restaurant most likely very far from wherever they call home ... Read more

Two Week’s Notice

When riding a motorcycle, we learn to look where we want to go. Look as far down the road as we can and look around or beyond hazards in the road to avoid hitting them. Look directly at something in the road and the bike will veer right towards it, and hit it. In ... Read more

Nuthin’ to See Here

In the time it took to suck in half a breath, dozens of anti-lock braking systems-including the one on my motorcycle-activated, chirped and squealed. It was music to my ears, spoiled only by the smell of burning rubber and overheated brake pads. You might call this instrumental piece, “Brake Dancing in the New Millennium.” ... Read more


With or without a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS), attempting to ride a million miles by motorcycle is impossible without the help of friends. Friends with connections are even better. “Hey Rob, I’d really like to get together soon to discuss how your company can help out with my Endless Road Tour. Do you ... Read more

Keeping Cool

Heat is a four-letter word for those of us who have multiple sclerosis (MS). In fact, a common way to test for MS years ago was to toss the patient into a hot tub and see what stewed. Known as the “Hot Bath Method,” a person with MS symptoms was observed while in a ... Read more

Q&A with a PA

Recently and coincidentally, after a fire alarm went off in his office building, I was finally able to steal Physician’s Assistant (PA) Paul Barlow away from his busy schedule for a few moments for this candid interview. Mr. Barlow is part of the highly-skilled professional team that oversees my multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment. He ... Read more

New Column by a Biker With MS

Most men’s midlife crises involve something fast and shiny-or there’s another woman. My midlife crisis involved being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. Along with the meds I was prescribed, I decided that my therapy would include a million mile motorcycle journey. I chose to embark ... Read more

Riding the MS Trail

I never claimed to take the easier, shorter, or most traveled road. As a matter of fact, I usually take the path where everyone warns me, “You can’t get there from here!” Pursuing uncharted paths can be rewarding, but it can also whack you in the knees, throw you down and steal your breath ... Read more

What the Farkle?

FARKLE is an acronym for Fancy Accessory Really Kool and Likely Expensive. They are custom items motorcycle enthusiasts install on their bikes. The term is well known among those of us in the sport-touring and long-distance motorcycle communities. To use it in a sentence: A motorcyclist may be in the process of “farkling,” and ... Read more

Road Trip — MS Changes a Biker’s Course

When the call rang into the bluetooth in Paul Pelland’s helmet, he was in the middle of the infamous 2003 Iron Butt Rally with some of the best endurance riders in the world. The rally spans the continental United States, and challenges the 100 chosen entrants to ride 11,000 miles in 11 days. The ... Read more