Bold. Brazen. Bankrupt!

Bold. Brazen. Bankrupt. Image: Single sailboat in far off on the sea.
We’re living in a world where people who previously breezed by in the shadows, and at other times boldly marched the red carpet, are being revealed for who they truly are: morally bankrupt individuals.

Whether drugging women, molesting children, or otherwise harming others from their pedestal of power and prestige, they’re now being outed by more and more accusers who bravely step forward to reveal their truths. These predatory conditions have always been a part of our society, but the instant nature of the information age has thrown the matter onto the hot seat of public display.

In spite of the number of accusers who have come forward, I suspect that some of those engaging in the behavior, who haven’t been caught yet, will arrogantly continue to take their chances, which is horrible and distressing.

As they come to the surface, all of these breaches of trust—known and unknown—harm us in one way or another. This is why we must be extremely careful about how we respond. Rather than ricochet from headline to headline, we need to navigate the process in a way that we learn from it, and yet avoid becoming totally consumed by it.  ...
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by Geri Jewell

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