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Have you ever woken up and wondered how you got to be so old? I’m going to be 58 this year, and although some people say it’s the new 38, that doesn’t change the reality that I’m among the last of the Baby Boomer generation.

Growing up in a middle class American family allowed me to acquire cherished memories of a life that kids today will never appreciate, nor fully understand. Many of the things that shaped our lives in years gone by, are now considered to be the dinosaurs of yesterday. Meanwhile, technology speeds us through life.

Are you old enough to remember the excitement of going to a drive-in movie? Back in the day, we’d get in our jammies, fill the car with pillows and blankets, bring homemade popcorn and drive into a big lot with a huge screen at the front of it. To hear the movie, we’d hang the speaker in the window and excitedly wait for the picture show to begin. But there wasn’t just one movie; we’d see a “double feature”—plus a brand-new cartoon as a prelude! This was when the cost of movie night rarely exceeded $12 and there was money left over!

On summer evenings, I remember going for rides in the family car, cruising along with no particular destination in mind. We’d crank the windows down, and let the wind caress our faces as we watched the world drift by. And of course, we’d stop for ice cream somewhere along the way. We’d arrive home, never concerned that we’d wasted a tank of gas, which was less than a $1 a gallon, or that we’d almost gotten lost at a time when a GPS system was unheard of. Even if we did get turned around on occasion, there was no anxiety; we savored the thrill of discovering a road less traveled.

In the 60’s and 70’s, there were no mobile or smart phones. All we had was a stupid wall phone mounted in the kitchen. It was covered with greasy hand prints and a cord that got so tightly tangled that it never stretched long enough to reach the privacy of a bedroom. ...
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