Breaking the Mold — Ashley Fiolek

Ashley riding motorcycle down a sand duneWhew, hot summer so far! Florida has been sweltering, but I still love it here. My family and I kicked off the summer by heading down to Orlando and hitting up some hotels, so we could hang out at the amusement parks. Universal opened up a new “economy” hotel and we wanted to check it out. It is a nice little hotel, especially if you have a big family or you are with a bunch of friends because they have a mini suite that is really cheap with a separate room. We had a great time celebrating 4th of July down there if you are in Florida you should definitely check it out.

I have moved my class schedule out of the beginning of summer to the end of summer and the beginning of fall. So no classes for me until the end of August then I am hitting the East coast instead of going out west like I normally do. I?m excited about this since I won?t have to travel so far and I can just take my bike in my truck with my trailer. It should be a lot of fun.

I was just recently in Oregon filming a short commercial for It was me and Tarah Geiger. We were filming a segment called “Breaking the Mold” and it is suppose to air during the outdoor races. My mom and I had to fly into Oregon because they filmed it out at the dunes. Tarah only lives 4 hours away so she got to drive in. Lucky her aha….like usual the flying got the best of us!

There were two airports in Oregon to choose from and it didn?t matter which one we still had to drive over 3 hours to get to the photoshoot site. We flew into Medford because there are a bunch of wineries there. Of course things did not go according to plan and we got there later then expected! That didn?t stop my mom and me from rushing to at least one winery before they closed at 6! The next morning we woke up way too early (we were still on Eastern time!) and sat at the hotel until the wineries opened and we could start out 3.5 hour drive to the dunes! We hit up some beautiful places and met some wonderful people who sure did know a lot about wine. Oregon is beautiful and the trip out to the dunes was stunning.

We met with everyone the night before and everyone was excited to start shooting the next day. When I woke up I was not feeling great, not sure if it was the weather (cold and rainy compared to hot and sunny!). My mom drove us to the dunes in the hopes that I could rest up and feel better. The dunes were beautiful I have never seen anything quite like it. The motosport team picked me up a bike from Husky and they put a sand tire on it. I have never ridden in the sand like that before it was a challenge, but a lot of fun too!

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and it was cold, windy and rainy! Now I know what the swimsuit models feel like when they are filming at a beach in January and have to sit in the water and make people think it is 90 degrees! Haha….We shot all day and

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they had drones and side by sides out in the dunes. I haven?t seen what anything looks like, but I hope it turns out. At the end of the day I was exhausted and not feeling good at all so my poor mom and to drive back the 3.5 hours while I slept next to her.

We had a 6am flight out the next morning, so we were at the airport at 4:30. We had just got back to the gate when they announced the flight was cancelled. So of course we missed our connecting flights!

Argh flying…we were suppose to get in at 5pm with one connecting flight. We wound up getting in at midnight with 2 connecting flights and some running to the gates to make the flights! I sat down when we were getting our luggage and my mom watched a woman walk off with our luggage!

Apparently we had the same kind of bag, so we had to have the airlines call her and wait for her to bring the bag back!

Argh traveling! Enjoy the summer hope to see you at an AF67 MX class this fall.

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