Brrrrr….hope everyone is staying warm!

Brrrrr….hope everyone is enjoying the New Year and staying warm! We don’t have any snow here in Florida, but we have had some pretty cold weather and lots and lots of rain where I live. My family and I went to a Beach Blast here in St. Augustine to celebrate the New Year. It was so much fun, I guess they have it every year, but we don’t live on the beach and normally don’t like to fight the crowds. My mom was thinking ahead and booked us a room at an Embassy Suites that is right on the beach, it wasn’t opened yet when she booked it so we were lucky to get in! The party was at our St. Aug pier and the hotel was right next door so we didn’t have to walk far at all. There were all kinds of food trucks, music and a great firework show. We all had a wonderful time.

I hit the ground running in January, my renters left one of my houses and I am going to sell it. We have been busy trying to get it ready to go on the market. The over all shape of the house was not bad, but “Everything” had to be repainted and new flooring is going in. We ripped out all of the old carpet, it was trashed and there were kids in the house who decided writing on the walls was a good thing… hahaha…. so we have been scraping and repairing all of the holes etc. We are almost finished with the painting, 3 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room, office and an extra room, a whole lot of painting! My dad has been laying down wood flooring and then we will have someone come in and carpet the rest. It is fun, but also much work 🙂

Last week I spent time training a young girl MXer. Her name is Lily and she came to stay at a local track for the week from Alabama so I could train with her. I have worked with her before she is fun to hang out with. Her dad couldn’t make it this trip, she was staying with her grandma who lived close by. I had to work on her bikes and clean her filters, yikes! My dad helped me out, whew… not my skill set!

She is a funny kid too we are always having a good time when we are training. She made me rice krispie treats, she loves to bake when she is not riding. One of the days when we were taking a break she brought out a sour tangy pickle, one of those kinds that are packaged in plastic at the store. She said it was too sour so she tried to shove it in her gear leg pocket, it was hilarious! Then it got stuck and she couldn’t get it out! We were laughing so hard.

Supercross has started and I hope you all have been watching. I have, but I have been a nervous wreck about it!

Well I’m off to Cali this week to do a Fox/Husky women’s ride day, I will fill you all in next time how it all turned out! Stay warm and dry…

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