Busy Summer

Ashley Fiolek and Husky, friends in racing gearSince I am the ambassador for Husqvarna I am always involved when they do special events for women, and as I have mentioned in the past they put on quite a few of these which are always amazing!

Recently we did a Babes Ride Out Day, it was April 27-29th in Gorman California, it is for girls who really love to ride and camp too! A bunch of my friends went that live out in California and I also met a lot of new people too. My friend, Natalie, flew in from TN to help with interpreting for me. It has been really hot here in Florida so I was frozen on my first day there when I went there it was so cold, brrrrrr!, luckily the second day warmed up a bit. Husky brought a bunch of motorcycles for the girls to try out and ride, I was responsible for the girls that wanted to do this and I would take little groups out on trail rides it was a lot of fun. We camped out and hung out at night time, if you are ever interested in these ride out days you should take the time to sign up it is always a good time and everyone has fun. They are usually promoted by social media and in the dirt bike and road bike magazines. ...
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