“Campeones” (“Champions”), Wins Best Picture at the Spanish Film Academy’s Goya Awards, Featuring Actors with Developmental Disabilities

Spain’s biggest national box office hit of the year, “Campeones” ( Champions), a comedy about a basketball team featuring actors with developmental disabilities, won Best Picture at the Spanish Film Academy’s Goya Awards. 

Cast: Javier Gutierrez, Jose de Luna, Gloria Ramos, Roberto Chinchilla, Athenea Mata, Luisa Gavasa, Mariano Llorente, Daniel Freire, Juan Margallo

Production companies: Peliculas Pendleton, Movistar +, Morena Films

Director: Javier Fesser

Screenwriters: David Marques, Javier Fesser

Producers: Luis Manso, Alvaro Longoria

Director of photography: Chechu Graf

Art Director: Javier Fernandez

Costume designer: Ana Martínez

Editor: Javier Fesser

Composer: Rafael Arnau

Sales: Latido Films

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