“Dead End Drive” short film, long on talent

A fun sized short film “Dead End Drive” is LIVE so if you’re hungry for some entertainment, it’s just a click away. Starring ABILITY Magazine friends Tobias Forrest, Eileen Grubba and Austin Basis. Executive producer David Zimmerman and directed by Alexander Yellen. Video with Captions: Video with Audio Descriptions:

Selma Blair Interview

Acclaimed actress, best-selling author and disability advocate, Selma Blair is teaming up with renowned fashion designer, Isaac Mizrahi, to launch a line of accessible fashion on QVC. Blair, who has been actively working to build awareness about MS since her own revelation in 2018, is bringing her advocacy to stylish apparel. This new collaboration ... Read more

Firebuds — Disney Junior Shines Spotlight on Disability Inclusion

“Firebuds” weaves disability and health topics into many of its storylines, and characters with disabilities are featured in several episodes. Disney’s commitment to disability inclusion is also evident in the casting of actors with disabilities to voice select “Firebuds” characters. ABILITY Magazine caught up with Sammi Haney who voices “Piper” and Henry Shipp, the ... Read more

Meet the Supercrips

Want to see a disabled character on the big screen played by a genuinely disabled actor? Want to get into NFTs? SupercripNFT is helping audiences do both by crowdfunding an original film from the filmmakers behind “Bottleshock”, “Shoot ‘Em Up” and the newly released “Coffee Wars” with gameable NFTs and a new blockchain currency. ... Read more

Chandra Wilson – From Grey’s Anatomy to CVS’s Mitochondrial Anatomy

Dear theater, Grey’s Anatomy, and everything Emmy nominated Chandra Wilson fans! ABILITY is happy to share our interview with Wilson. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she is an upbeat, positive, light of a human. Drawn to the stage from a very early age, seems like theater was her first love and something she ... Read more

Cherylee Houston — Writers and Performers with Disabilities & EDS

Cherylee Houston is a British actress known for her roles as Izzy Armstrong in BBC’s Coronation Street and as Maz, a character in Houston’s BBC Radio 4 comedy series Tinsel Girl. Both characters show the power of authentically cast disabled in the entertainment industry and bring awareness to their audiences, especially young actors with ... Read more

Diana Elizabeth Jordan — In the Spotlight

Actor and self-described “artivist” Diana Elizabeth Jordan is having quite the moment. Her one-woman show, “Happily Ever After”, debuted at the Hollywood Fringe Festival last year. This year, she was selected out of thousands to take part in the WarnerMedia Access Talent Spotlight Program. Jordan, diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 2, which mildly ... Read more

Celeste Thorson — Writer, Producer, Actor and Advocate

Celeste Thorson advocacy spans women’s rights, diversity, environment and disability awareness. She is the ultimate expression of diversity herself. Celeste’s mother is of Lebanese, Spanish, French Huguenot and Apache Mescalero Native American descent. Her father was born in South Korea and was adopted as a young child by the Thorson family in Colorado. On ... Read more

Randy Travis Part II—Life, Laughter, Importance of Music in Therapy.

Continued from the Randy Travis Issue Chet Cooper: Is there a movie in the works about your life, Randy? Mary Travis: There’s been noise. They have a two-hour documentary. One hour of it was shot prior to the stroke, the second hour was shot after the stroke. We got the hour done before the ... Read more

Katie Leclerc — ABC Family Star on Ménière’s Disease

Circa 2011 As star of the ABC Family series Switched at Birth, actress Katie Leclerc calls upon her own fluctuating hearing loss to infuse her role with a dash of reality. She plays Daphne Vasquez, a deaf teen who meets the family she never knew she had, and gets to share the screen with ... Read more