Coping in Isolation: Jason – COVID Video Series

JASON, 30, Toronto, Canada

Jason lives with Fibromyalgia and POTS.

Jason is a podcaster and disability advocate who lives with fibromyalgia / postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). He was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and is the youngest of three kids and the proud uncle of his nephew and niece. He currently lives at home with his Mom and Dad. On occasion, he helps with the dishes and does his own laundry. In his spare time he can be found throwing grapes in the air, trying to catch them in his mouth, dropping them, dusting them off, and trying again.

In a creative and funny way, Jason urges people to #Staythef**khome. Watch his rap video. (This video was produced and edited by Jason Herterich)


COVID-19 Video Transcript

I’m in quarantine from COVID-19, at home staying clean, waiting on a vaccine. Self isolation, physical distance. If you don’t, you’ll threaten our existence. Here’s a list of those at high risk, dying by the virus, dying by the virus. Uh we got, heart disease, lung disease, hypertension, diabetes – gimme your attention – cerebral palsy, cancer. Follow me, follow, there’s only one answer. Lay low, lay low, time to preserve. Stay home, stay home, flatten the curve. If you’re asymptomatic, that’s still problematic. Incubation, that’s 14 days, son. Stay in your place, unless it’s essential. Six feet of space or death is the potential. Whatever the weather, we’re in this together. Lay low yo, and stay the f*** home.

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