Caterina Scorsone Interview

Caterina Scorsone is a Canadian-American actress who has appeared in various films and television series, including her well known portrayal as Dr. Amelia Shepherd on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. In 2020, Scorsone won the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award from the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, recognizing her outstanding commitment to championing the rights and well-being ... Read more

Inappropriate Medical Advances

I consider myself a fairly simple man with some common sense. Having a life long auto immune disease like Multiple Sclerosis certainly provides me plenty of opportunities to witness dumb and dangerous decisions from our healthcare system. The United States probably has the greatest doctors, medications and treatments in the world. However, rules and ... Read more

Selma Blair Interview

Acclaimed actress, best-selling author and disability advocate, Selma Blair is teaming up with renowned fashion designer, Isaac Mizrahi, to launch a line of accessible fashion on QVC. Blair, who has been actively working to build awareness about MS since her own revelation in 2018, is bringing her advocacy to stylish apparel. This new collaboration ... Read more

What is Multiple sclerosis and where are the top health centers

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic autoimmune disorder that affects the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord. It occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks the protective covering of nerve fibers, called myelin, leading to inflammation, damage, and disruption of nerve signals. This can result in a wide range of symptoms, ... Read more

Long Haul Paul Fighting MS —HELP is Not a Four Letter Word

Helping friends and family is part of everyday life. Helping neighbors in our local communities or people on the other side of the world is what makes most humans, well, humane. Whenever I help out a friend or neighbor it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I believe sharing my story of ... Read more

MS Drug — Ampyra: A New Gait For Independence

Circa 2010 In January 2010, the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved AMPRYA (dalfampridine) extended release tablets to improve walking capabilities for patients with multiple schlerosis (MS). In clinical trials, patients who took AMPYRA had faster walking speeds than those who received a placebo. AMPYRA is the first drug that the FDA has approved ... Read more

Lia Martirosyan — Music and Laughter

It’s true, in an instant, your life can change; an accident, a ruptured aneurysm, blunt trauma to the head, a cancer diagnosis. With Lia, it’s been slow, temperamental and undiagnosed. Her blasé attitude makes one wonder if she’s just used to her body’s deception. She isn’t, she just knows where her energy is best ... Read more

Long Haul Paul’s Nonstop to Nowhere World Record Attempt to Raise Funds for MS

When you throw all the activities I have done in the last six years to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis charities, it adds up to $130,000. That’s about 37 cents for every mile that I have traveled raising awareness. If I wasn’t such a chicken, I would change my tagline to ride a million ... Read more

Malcolm Smith — A Ride Down Memory Lane

Circa 2010-11 Meeting up with Malcolm Smith stands as one of the most unique interviewing experiences of my life. Seated in the large showroom of Malcolm Smith Motorsports in Riverside, CA, I find myself mulling over a variety of ways to approach my introduction. Do I start off with, “Hey, how have you been? ... Read more

Multiple Sclerosis – One Day At The Beach

Over the years, our daughters have brought home various young men to ‘meet the parents.’ After a long, dry spell, our California daughter, Melissa, had someone she hoped we’d welcome to the family. She had gotten lucky through one of those .com mating sites. In keeping with her interest in politics, she and Charlie ... Read more