Deaf/Hearing Loss

Ashley Fiolek

Hello ABILITY readers, unfortunately, it has been a rough month for me and my family. My grandma passed away on January 24th. Something like this is never easy but I know that my grandma is not suffering any more and Heaven just added another beautiful angel. Her memorial will be coming up at the ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — Grand Rapids

My mom has been coming to Michigan to visit my grandma who is sick. So, it has been nice to see her more often since I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan now. I made her drive down to Florida with me for Thanksgiving and Christmas so I would not have to drive alone! We ... Read more

Amber Galloway-Gallego — Music Sign Language Interpretation

Amber Galloway-Gallego has emerged as a trailblazer in the world of sign language interpretation, particularly within the realm of concerts and music festivals. Specializing in the dynamic genres of rap and hip-hop, she has become a household name and a passionate advocate for music accessibility at all levels of hearing ability. She has interpreted ... Read more

Ernesto Casillas — Celebrity Makeup Artist

Emmy award-winning Ernesto Casillas talks about his childhood and challenges growing up as a queer person with hearing loss in a Mexican immigrant family. He also discusses his journey from being a creative child to becoming a celebrity makeup artist, sharing experiences with clients such as Doja Cat and Gwen Stefani. Throughout the conversation ... Read more

Michelle Mary Schaefer

In her diverse roles as actress, writer, director, producer, ASL consultant, and intimacy coordinator, Michelle Mary Schaefer is committed to moving forward. After growing up Deaf in a hearing-centric world, navigating through challenging education and life experiences, Schaefer continues to be her authentic self. Using her many talents, Schaefer works tirelessly on her craft ... Read more

AT&T & Gallaudet University Make Football More Inclusive with First 5G-Connected Helmet 

From inventing the modern-day huddle in 1894 to serving as the global leader in education for deaf and hard of hearing students today, Gallaudet University has long been a pioneer for innovation. Deaf and hard of hearing athletes have a long history of breaking barriers and proving their innovation and talent on the field.  ... Read more

Let’s Race

Fall is rapidly approaching and I must say I am looking forward to it! It has been a long hot summer for me riding outside as I got ready for the Loretta Lynn?s Amateur Nationals. My family and friends were all there with me for the week when I raced. We had a lot ... Read more

International Day of Sign Language

International Day of Sign Languages is celebrated on Sept. 23rd. 300 different sign languages are used by 70 million Deaf/deaf people in the world. The following highlights one language. Ausian A natural language, not an invented one Auslan was not invented by any single person, hearing or deaf. Any language, whether spoken or signed, grows ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — Traveling Again

I’m out traveling again! I left snowy, cold Utah to get in some riding and race practicing so I can be ready to enter some qualifiers to try out for the Loretta Lynn Nationals. Bambi, Lindsey and I packed up and started heading South for warmer weather and no snow! So one of the ... Read more

Nicole Kohr — Storytelling and Living with Cystic Fibrosis

Nicole Kohr emanates positive energy, and speaks so eloquently even while casually chatting. Nicole had a myriad of symptoms since birth, but wasn’t diagnosed with cystic fibrosis until the age of 5. Cystic fibrosis (CF) is an inherited life-threatening disorder that damages the lungs and digestive system. With years of no proper medication and ... Read more

Gabby Giffords — Won’t Back Down

Gabby Giffords, once a rising star in the U.S. House of Representatives, is the subject of a recently released documentary on her life and recovery from a gunshot wound to the head she sustained from the 2011 assassination attempt during an outdoor constituent meeting at an Arizona grocery story. “Gabby Giffords Won’t Back Down,” ... Read more

Katie Leclerc — ABC Family Star on Ménière’s Disease

Circa 2011 As star of the ABC Family series Switched at Birth, actress Katie Leclerc calls upon her own fluctuating hearing loss to infuse her role with a dash of reality. She plays Daphne Vasquez, a deaf teen who meets the family she never knew she had, and gets to share the screen with ... Read more

Piglet, the Deaf Blind Pink Pup

If you are a connoisseur of social media, maybe you have met Piglet, a tiny pink bundle of dachshund energy who is deaf and blind. This adorable little powerhouse has been life-changing for the Shapiro family as well has Piglet’s hundreds of thousands of fans on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Melissa Shapiro, veterinarian and ... Read more

“What?” — An interview with John Maucere

John Maucere deaf actor, comedian and film maker, known for “No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie”, just celebrated his latest project called “What?” This is Maucere’s latest movie! Wait, what? Yes, “What?” The name of the movie. The movie is modeled after the slapstick silent films of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. “What?” takes ... Read more

Vint Cerf Recovers from COVID-19

Related: Vint Cerf — Father of the Internet ABILITY Magazine reached across the internet, via Zoom, to talk with Vint Cerf after hearing he had COVID-19. Cerf, often called the father of the internet, shared his COVID experience and other insights with Chet Cooper, as they both pondered how different life would be without ... Read more

Marlee Matlin 3 peat — Actress, Author, Deaf and Disability Advocate

More than 30 years ago, Marlee Matlin graced the first cover of ABILITY Magazine. Again a decade later, and now for her third interview once again, accompanied by her sign language interpreter and business partner, Jack Jason. Her successful career as actress, writer, producer, deaf activist and mom of four, spans more than 35 ... Read more

Donna Duarte — An educator, public speaker, and deaf and disability rights advocate, identifies as Deaf+

Donna Duarte identifies as Deaf+. She is an educator, public speaker, and deaf and disability rights advocate. Her pronouns are she/her/hers. Donna has had the unique opportunity to attend college and university as both a temporarily able-bodied student and as a person who is both Deaf and has disabilities. Those divergent experiences, including her ... Read more

Angela Van Ostran teaches ASL and Deaf culture in schools and the community

Angela Van Ostran a fierce advocate for social change, earned a degree in journalism, and has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from San Diego State University. Angela enjoys opportunities to bring the disability, Deaf, and LGBT communities together through education and identifies proudly as a queer Deaf gimp. She has worked with several Pride organizations, ... Read more

Vint Cerf Interview part 2

Chet Cooper: Do you have a connection with Tim Berners-Lee with him inventing the World Wide Web? Cerf: It’s an interesting and somewhat remote connection. Tim started his work around 1989. By this time, of course, the Internet was not only in operation, but it was also beginning commercial operation. There’s a distance of ... Read more

Vint Cerf — Co-creator of the Internet and Email

Related: Find out how Vint Cerf Recovered from COVID-19 Chances are you are reading this article online. Are you on the Internet? Or are you on the World Wide Web? Is there a difference? For our younger readers, you may feel like these things have always been around. For the rest of us who ... Read more