Mobility Limitations

Ali Stroker — Award Winning Actress, Author, Singer & New Mom

Ali Stroker is an American actress and singer who made history as the first actor in a wheelchair to appear on Broadway in Deaf West’s acclaimed 2015 revival of Spring Awakening. Ali is also the first person with a disability to be nominated for and win a Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in ... Read more

Full Radius Dance — Disability Integrated Modern Dance

Full Radius Dance is a physically integrated dance company founded in 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia. The collaborative dance space encourages all body types to perform, learn and create while pushing the boundaries of equity and accessibility within the dance world. With flexible choreography and class structure, dancers are able to transpose the movements to ... Read more

MotoDemption — Adaptive Motocross

Since Aaron Hill’s injury in 2008, he was determined to overcome the difficulties of his spinal cord injury. But even more so, to ride again. With the founding of MotoDemption and help of friends, the first prototype was born. Today MotoDemption continues to bring joy to riders and is always looking to make the ... Read more

Looking for Hope in Haiti

Friday, October 13th, 2023 I arrived at Boston Logan International Airport as dozens of passengers from the Miami flight filed into the baggage claim area. While waiting for Gérald Oriol, Jr. to emerge, I recalled the eight years we had worked together. From 2011 to 2016 and 2017 to 2020, Oriol served as Haiti’s ... Read more

Breaking Down Barriers – iBOT Stories Across the World

Independence with iBOT® Ronda Jones wears many important hats: she is a mother, a grandmother, an Army veteran, a para-athlete, and an advocate and mentor for people with limb loss. She is also a motivational speaker, an author, and now, an inspiring iBOT user. Ronda, who lives in Virginia, discovered the iBOT at the ... Read more

Meet Elin, The German Sesame Street’s First Muppet with a Disability

A muppet with a disability moves into the German Sesame Street: Elin. She is a young girl who likes tinkering with tech, talks a bit much, sometimes mixes up words and uses a wheelchair. Elin is now a permanent and regularly appearing character in “der Sesamstraße” on the German TV channel Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR).  ... Read more

5 Ways to Clarify You’re (Badass) Disabled and Not (Inspirational) Disabled

Everyone knows about the two types of disabled people. The traditional type is sad and inspirational, like the tiny boy with crutches who begs Ebenezer Scrooge for tidbits of hard bread with cold porridge. The new type of disabled is totally different and very cool, like the hot people with mobility aids from the ... Read more

Meet the Supercrips

Want to see a disabled character on the big screen played by a genuinely disabled actor? Want to get into NFTs? SupercripNFT is helping audiences do both by crowdfunding an original film from the filmmakers behind “Bottleshock”, “Shoot ‘Em Up” and the newly released “Coffee Wars” with gameable NFTs and a new blockchain currency. ... Read more

Keah Brown – The Power of Delusion or Determination

Keah Brown loves cheesecake and Paramore and Usher and Demi Lovato. “These are things that matter to me just as much as conversations around disability and cerebral palsy.” mentions the journalist, writer and creator of the viral hashtag #disabledandcute. She has released two books, “The Pretty One” in 2019 and “Sam’s Super Seats” in ... Read more

Toby Forrest — the Man

In 2010, ABILITY Magazine interviewed Tobias Forrest. The article started: “I was twenty-two, and I was diving off of a waterfall in the Grand Canyon,” Forrest said. “The water was too shallow where I had jumped, I shattered my fifth vertebrae—and I realized I was going under. I thanked God for my life, and ... Read more

Bob Ness – Canon Connected

How Canon’s Connect App Provides Filmmakers with Disabilities Independence Bob Ness was a college student at Augustana College in early January of 1987, aspiring toward a career in communications. He and his friend Don had just traveled to Cedar Rapids, where they were making arrangements for their fraternity’s spring formal. It was a perfectly ... Read more

Katherine Beattie – Skate Park Fun

By day, Katherine Beattie is a television writer whose name graces the credits of big hits like NCIS: New Orleans and Californication. But when she’s not shredding up her keyboard, she’s shredding up something else—skate-parks. And she’s promoting using a wheelchair. Katherine Beattie isn’t just known for her work in television. She’s also an ... Read more

Augie Nieto — Excerpt from Reciprocity, Incorporated

Circa 2010 Augie Nieto — Excerpt from Reciprocity, Incorporated ALWAYS BE CLOSING? I started my first business as a sophomore in college, goaded into it by my economics professor. When he gave me a low C on a paper I’d written—a business plan for a health club—I told him I’d open my business and ... Read more

Daryl Chill Mitchell

Aug/Sept 2010 Daryl “Chill” Mitchell is something of a Renaissance Man. His career as an actor, director, producer, writer, musician, public speaker and comedian might strike others as overwhelming, but to Mitchell it’s all part of the game. For years, he enjoyed recurring roles on shows like Veronica’s Closet, Ed, and The John Larroquette ... Read more

Racing to Recovery — Sam Schmidt

What do you do when a dream ends? If you’re Sam Schmidt, you embark upon an even bigger one. A motorcycle racer from the age of five, he went on to become Rookie of the Year at the USAR Hooters Pro Cup, and a star in the Indy Racing League. Then, in 2000, a ... Read more