Editor’s Pick

Kevin Nealon — A Hike Best Taken

Before Michael Che and Colin Jost, Kevin Nealon sat at the “Weekend Update” desk of Saturday Night Live (SNL). Multiple replacements (joints) later and at the age of 70, Nealon isn’t sitting or slowing down. He’s hiking. You can find him on YouTube doing just that, while talking to celebrities. When he’s not hiking, ... Read more

Netflix Animation is Seeking a South Asian Female Wheelchair-user For Voice-over Roll!

A new Netflix Animation series is looking for an authentic South Asian (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc.) wheelchair-user to voice-over a female role named Saha. Searching for teens or adults to play younger. Open to use of other forms of mobility aids. Could your voice be “Saha”? Do you not fit the role but, ... Read more

Bob Woodruff — War Journalist and the Explosion that Caused His Traumatic Brain Injury

Circa 2007 As he traveled through Iraq with a U.S. military unit early last year, World News Tonight co-anchor Bob Woodruff was severely wounded by an insurgents’ improvised explosive device. His new book, In An Instant, chronicles that experience. Both he and wife, Lee, his co-author, contribute journal entries about the 36 days he ... Read more

Itto Outini — Blindness is the Light

Itto Outini is a multilingual accessibility advocate and human rights activist. Born and raised in the mountains of Morocco, she was deprived of education as a child. At 17, her uncle’s wife blinded her, and her family abandoned her in the hospital. She spent six years homeless before graduating from high school at 23 ... Read more

Moe Davis for Congress — Judge for Yourselves

Recently, ABILITY Magazine spoke with retired Air Force Colonel and congressional candidate Morris “Moe” Davis. Davis, a Democrat, is running for North Carolina district 11’s seat in the House of Representatives. District 11 encompasses a large portion of western North Carolina and includes the city of Asheville. Davis grew up in Shelby, North Carolina. ... Read more

How YAI, Next for Autism and Cure SMA are supporting their members during COVID-19

ABILITY Magazine contacted three large organizations and their members about the changes in how they operate during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. YAI, located in New York State, discussed their current situation in their housing facilities as well as their COVID-19 database, which offers information for people with (intellectual) disabilities. NEXT for AUTISM described what ... Read more

Justin Dart Remembered — Humanitarian, Leader and Friend

Editor’s note: In recognition of a great humanitarian, leader and friend, we present “The Resurrection of Justin Dart Jr. : A Quest for Truth and Love,” which was written by Mari Carlin Dart and originally appeared in the Diahann Carroll issue of ABILITY Magazine. Also included are additional comments from Dr. Fred Fay and ... Read more

Linda Crnic Institute and the Sie Center clinic

Dec/Jan 2011-12 Though Down syndrome affects people around the globe, money to research the condition lags far behind that of breast cancer or autism. Despite advancements in rights and opportunities for people with disabilities, families of children with Down syndrome continue to battle against diminished expectations. Thanks in no small part to the efforts ... Read more

Quincy Jones — The Quintessential Life of Harmony

Oct/Nov 2011 Quincy Jones’ music-industry reign spans more than six decades. He’s taken home a phenomenal 27 Grammy Awards, and found winning formulas for the likes of Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand. A major multimedia presence, he produced TV’s The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, created Vibe magazine, and co-produced the movie The ... Read more

John C McGinley — Down the Right Path

Dec/Jan 2011-12 While John C. McGinley is best known for roles on TV’s Scrubs, and the films Wall Street and Platoon, he also works to raise awareness about Down syndrome, stop verbal bullying and promote better opportunities for people with disabilities. He and ABILITY’s Chet Cooper recently met up at McGinley’s home in Malibu, ... Read more

Bob Saget Interview with Regina Hall and Chet Cooper

Apr/May 2011 Since losing his sister Gay to scleroderma, Bob Saget has served on the Scleroderma Research Foundation’s board of directors, and today hosts the organization’s charity-packed benefits around the country. He sat down with ABILITY’s Chet Cooper and Regina Hall to discuss his upcoming benefit, “Cool Comedy/Hot Cuisine,” and shared insight into how ... Read more

Regina Hall Interview with Chet Cooper

April/May 2010 Issue Though best known for her roles in the hit Scary Movie series and on television’s Ally McBeal, some of Regina Hall’s proudest work takes place well away from the glare of Hollywood. An avid volunteer for the care of senior citizens and an advocate for more public awareness of scleroderma, Hall, ... Read more

Global Disability Strategies and Action Plans

Disability Strategies and Action Plans by Country/Area Country/Area Strategies and Action Plans — PDF links Language Afghanistan Strategy for Disability and Rehabilitation 2013-2016 English Afghanistan National Disability Action Plan 2008-2011 English Albania National Strategy on People with Disabilities English Angola Strategy for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities Portuguese National Plan of Integrated Actions ... Read more

Interview with Diahann Carroll

Interview with Diahann Carroll with Chet Cooper and Jeffrey Lane: Circa 2000 Intro by Bob Reed In the entertainment field the dream of every performer is to have his or her work recognized with a nomination for a major award. For movie actors the biggest prize is the Academy Award, otherwise known as the ... Read more

Dr. Hans Keirstead: Fighting to Cure Cancer, and Fighting for California

Interview Preview: Dr. Hans Keirstead If you were to write a fairy tale centered around a living personification of the American Dream, Dr. Hans Keirstead would be as strong a contender for the protagonist’s role as any you could hope to invent on paper. Born and raised on a farm in British Columbia, Keirstead ... Read more

Katherine Beattie — Write What You Know

A few months ago, my friend Jan Hoag e-introduced me to Katherine Beattie. She said, “I can’t believe you two haven’t met! You have all the same life experience!” Now I’ve never met someone with my life experience in Hollywood, so I was looking forward to seeing what Jan meant. As soon as we ... Read more

ask EARN — Regulations

The Office of Federal Contracts Compliance Program (OFCCP) recently released its final rules for changes in the regulations pertaining to Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA). For the estimated 200,000 or more federal contractors in theUS, these rule changes mean increased affirmative action requirements relating ... Read more

Ballet — The Art of Sassoon

On a misty Sunday afternoon in San Francisco, ABILITY’s David Zimmerman transcended a flight of steps to the second floor of an elegant duplex. He was invited for tea, but also about to take a journey into the life of former prima ballerina Janet Sassoon. She’s performed around the world, and is a former ... Read more

Shereen Alnowais — Corporate Social Responsibility

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most significant oil producers in the world. Since declaring independence from the United Kingdom in 1971, the UAE has relied on its hydrocarbons to support its economy. Today its oil and natural gas makes the UAE one of the world’s wealthiest nations, ranking it eighth ... Read more

John A. Gardner PhD — His ViewPlus More

When John A. Gardner, PhD went blind at 48 owing to complications from eye surgery, he had to figure out how to do his job as a professor and physicist at Oregon State University. But it was rude awakening, trying to do his research without the aid of assistive technology. So out of frustration, ... Read more