David Petrovic pictured smiling on the cover of Expect a Miracle, backdrop of rainbow colored lines of paper

Excerpt — Expect a Miracle

David Petrovic pictured smiling on the cover of Expect a Miracle, backdrop of rainbow colored lines of paperA Mother/Son Asperger Journey of Determination and Triumph

David Petrovic is much older than his 22 biological years. A person with autism and Tourette’s, he battled many social, communication, learning, and sensorimotor challenges. Supported by an ever-evolving team, Dave transformed from a struggling and insecure tween to a fulfilled and equipped young man. Once feeling like a misfit without purpose, he journeyed to a place of peace, joy, self-acceptance, and achievement. David learned to self-accommodate and self-advocate. He loves who he is, including his autism, and he’s determined to help others by sharing his life-changing realizations.

Dreams, grit, and support empowered David to graduate cum laude in Middle Childhood Education. He now aspires to teach and mentor students in the developmental stage of life that he found most daunting. Using his strengths and experiences, he strives to prevent bullying, foster an understanding and acceptance of differences, and inspire teens to maximize their potentials. Dave’s autism has become an asset to keenly perceive what’s important in life. He impacts others and demonstrates how “hardship has great purpose.” I should know: I’m the mom who journeyed with him these past two decades.

Seeking to reach a broader audience, we have taken to print and podium. We have co-authored Expect a Miracle: A Mother/Son Asperger Journey of Determination and Triumph and are avid public speakers on many platforms. Solo, Dave has gone beyond by speaking to hundreds of adolescents on important teen issues, such as the effects of bullying. He educates on autism and differences and is breaking down barriers and stereotypes. He lives his motto: “Embrace a difference…and MAKE a difference!” And he proves my motto: “Not DISability, but DIFability.”

To learn more about us and our book, visit www.aspergermiracles.com. But meanwhile, catch a preview of Expect a Miracle through the following:

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Back Book Cover Synopsis
“Co-authored from the separate viewpoints of both a twenty-year-old young man with Asperger’s Syndrome and his mother, this work makes it possible to experience life from the perspective of a person with Asperger’s, thus enabling its intricate understanding. A unique case study, the book chronicles David’s life from birth until successful and fulfilled college living. It reveals every challenge confronted (including bullying), every solution employed, and practical lessons learned along the way. Inspiring hope and ideas, this book would be of interest to those with Asperger’s/Autism Spectrum Disorder, their parents and loved ones, and professionals who teach and counsel them.”


Chapter One: Why?
(pp. 1-9)

“We are not scientists, psychologists, or education specialists. We are simply a devoted mother/son team who embraced this “trial and error” journey years ago with a relentless determination and tenacity that has not waned. Simultaneous with the realization that David had differences and special needs, I began my search for knowledge, for resources, and mostly—for hope. I was desperate for a guaranteed pathway of intervention and the assurance that my little boy would fulfill his potential and find happiness.

There was no such recipe or absolute promise. ...To read the full article, login or become a member --- it's free!

by David Petrovic

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