EZ Lite Cruiser Power Chairs

The EZ Lite Cruiser is a line of Motorized Electric Powered Wheelchairs that are light weight, but can support passengers weighing up to 330 pounds. Comes with flat free front wheels and rear wheels. Made for indoor and outdoor use. No need to install a lift on your car or purchase a van just to transport your chair where you go! Perfect for Air Travel, Sea Cruises, or just getting around town to meet your friends and loved ones. The arm rests raise for easy access into and out of the chair. Foot rest folds back and in so you can get your feet close to it. Seat back reclines to make it more comfortable.
Adjustable height arm rests on some models. Lots more fantastic features. There are also a number of great accessories available for it to make your usage much more convenient for your personal needs.

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