False Pride

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Pride is pleasure arising from a man’s thinking too highly of himself. ~Baruch Spinoza

I’ve had cerebral palsy since birth, which most people perceive as a disability, but which I believe it has put me on a path of monumental evolvement and understanding of the human condition.

From my initial diagnosis at 18 months, to being placed in special education, being bullied and ridiculed by other children, and ultimately being discriminated against in the job market, I have repeatedly bumped up against what others perceive as my disabilities.

I’ve also been exposed to other people’s perceived disabilities. People who are blind, deaf, wheelchair users… Those who have muscular dystrophy, autism, Down syndrome, Bipolar Disorder, HIV, AIDS, or cancer are often viewed as diminished and worth less.

In truth, these conditions are only disabling if you see them as such. This applies to those who have them or live with them, as well as those who don’t, and are looking in from the outside. However, on any given day, any one of us could cross over by acquiring a life-altering disability.

We live in a physical world of challenges, but the real crippling disabilities in life are disabilities of the spirit, which have the potential to threaten our survival as humankind.

They include but are not limited to:
• Hatred • Envy
• Prejudice • Loss of faith
• Bullying • Despair
• Deception • Hypocrisy
• Greed • False Pride

Most of us can identify with one or more of these disabilities in one way or another, but the one not everyone fully understands is false pride.

We are more familiar with other false ‘hoods like false security, false prophets, false alarms and false teeth. Each of these terms tells us that the thing being described is not the real deal.

So, what is not true about pride? Is not someone’s pride and joy something to feel good about it? ...
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Geri Jewell

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