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Disability rights activist Raúl Krauthausen

ABILITY Magazine spoke with Raúl Krauthausen, a disability rights activist from Germany. Raúl has founded the non-profit ‘Sozialhelden’ and works together with his colleague, Svenja Heinecke, on a variety of projects to make Germany and the  rest of the world more accessible. He talks with ABILITY Magazine’s journalist Karina Sturm about his activism, disability ... Read more

How YAI, Next for Autism and Cure SMA are supporting their members during COVID-19

ABILITY Magazine contacted three large organizations and their members about the changes in how they operate during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. YAI, located in New York State, discussed their current situation in their housing facilities as well as their COVID-19 database, which offers information for people with (intellectual) disabilities. NEXT for AUTISM described what ... Read more

AB 2283: A Rare Disease Council and Ombudsperson for California’s Rare Disease Population

Around 25 to 30 million people in the United States are affected by one of 7,000 rare diseases. Many of them are children, and often, access to adequate health care is lacking. This will change if Jacob Fraker’s AB 2283 is voted into law.  Jacob works as the legislative aid for Assemblymember Susan Eggman ... Read more

Tulsi Gabbard interview with Chet Cooper discusses TBI, PTSD, Aloha and more

UPDATE: 3/19/20 Tulsi Gabbard drops out of the race and endorses Joe Biden 2/07/20 — The first female combat veteran running for President of the United States, US Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), brings a unique perspective to the 2020 race. Rep. Gabbard took a break from her Presidential campaign in New Hampshire to talk ... Read more

Eileen Grubba – Feisty, Fun, Fabulous

If Eileen Grubba’s name isn’t familiar, there’s a reason. She’s built a strong television career playing edgy characters in shows like Game of Silence, Sons of Anarchy, The Mentalist and HBO’s Hung, plus others. Her thespian roots stretch back to Atlanta and New York, where she acted in musicals, plays, commercials and independent films. ... Read more

Ed Asner — Chewin’ Avocados

[Our team truly was delighted by Ed Asner. From the moment he greeted us to the when we said our goodbyes, he was a ball of positive energy. You will be missed — 1929-2021] Interview 2015 Ed Asner has played the hard-nosed, but softhearted TV producer, Lou Grant, in four different series: Mary Tyler ... Read more

“Born This Way” — The Cast

On a beautiful summer afternoon in Los Angeles at John Paizis’ Performing Arts Studio West, the cast of TV’s Born This Way met up with David S. Zimmerman, an ABILITY contributor and founder of Meet The Biz, and actress Jamie Brewer of American Horror Story. Later in the conversation, the cast’s families joined them as they talked about life, love, and the ... Read more

Liu Fusheng–Living Large with Tourettes

Professional painter Liu Fusheng had the distinction of winning a prestigious Young Artist Award in his native Singapore. Both museums and private investors have collected his work, and he’s been the subject of solo exhibitions in China and the US. Liu’s distinctive glasses, decorative crystal, and shoes hint he also might’ve made a compelling ... Read more

Richard Marriott — Bridges

The Marriott Foundation’s Bridges – from School to Work program is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The famous hotel chain’s altruistic wing was inspired, in part, by the late Stephen Garth Marriott, the founder’s grandson. He was diagnosed with a terminal degenerative disease as a teenager, yet went on to enjoy a successful career. The ... Read more

United Nations CRPD – Comments

Comments on the United Nations Convention on Right for Persons with Disabilities by Vladimir Cuk, International Disability Alliance; Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, RespectAbility USA; Marcie Roth, Office of Disability Integration FEMA; Stig Langvad, Disabled People’s Organizations- Demark and Alex Lebois, G3ict during UN conference.    

Meningococcal Septicemia

Shayne Smith contracted a potentially deadly condition, and underwent multiple amputations. But to whom much was taken away, much was also given. Today, Smith, 25, is powered by his high-octane confidence. Over the years, he’s made history as an athlete, crossed paths with tons of A-list celebrities, and now focuses on motivating young people ... Read more

Gary Busey — Life’s Apprentice

Apr/May 2014 Gary Busey has circled the rodeo many times, and always seems to climb back up on the bucking bronco whenever life throws him for a loop. He started out as an athlete and drummer, but then made his mark in Hollywood appearing on such shows as Gunsmoke and Law & Order, as ... Read more

Nao — Robot for Education

Meet Nao, the interactive, 23-inch-tall humanoid robot that offers new, exciting possibilities for children with autism. Recently Olivier Joubert, the special education project manager for Nao’s manufacturer, Aldebaran Robotics, spoke with ABILITY’s editor-in-chief, Chet Cooper, and its medical editor, Thomas Chappell, MD, about this small, but mighty educational tool. Chet Cooper: Tell us a ... Read more

Sheikha Fatima — Hebron Rehab

Journalism assignments come in various shapes and sizes. Sometimes we get asked to go to the trenches of the red carpet; endure the harsh environments of a phone interview; and at times, squint at the mysterious silhouette of a man during a Skype meeting. On occasion, we get an invite to cover a story ... Read more

A Quick Tease — 30 second reel

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Scott Baio — Happy Days

Over nearly four decades, Scott Baio has carved out a career on TV. In the mid-70’s he played Chachi on the long-running TV series Happy Days, which led to the spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi. He went on to star on TV’s Charles in Charge and later the medical mystery drama Diagnosis Murder. Although he ... Read more

Kendall Hollinger — Allergies

Kendall Hollinger is a triple threat: ice skater, singer and spiritual warrior. At 16 she glides across the ice with a winning smile and plenty of tricks up her sleeves—all honed over the 11 years she’s made the rink her second home. Neither a broken bone, nor a rump-chilling fall fazes this California girl, ... Read more

Amy Brenneman — Chiming In

      Amy Brenneman is best known for her TV roles on Private Practice, NYPD Blue and Judging Amy, which was based on her real life mother, who was a state superior court judge in Connecticut. As the wife and mom of two, daughter, Charlotte, and son, Bodhi, Brenneman is heavily involved in ... Read more

Kurt Yaeger — Sons of Anarchy

An interview with actor, director and professional athlete Kurt Yaeger is best known for his recurring role as Greg “the Peg” on the FX series, "Sons of Anarchy".