Fun and Hectic

Ashley Fiolek Illinois mx school

My summer has been crazy, fun and hectic. I had to travel all over the US to do AFMX schools. I taught them in Texas, Illinois, Colorado and Washington.

They were a lot of fun, and I got to bring my bike, so I had the chance to ride with everyone at all the schools. It’s always impressive to see how hard everyone works at AFMX.

I lost my interpreter at the Washington school, and couldn’t find another one, so I had to call on my mom to save me 🙂 She said fine, but I had to “pay” her in sushi, and take her to local breweries and wineries. Not a bad deal. Ha ha.

We all had a really great time, and the scenery there is beautiful! I bid on a condo stay in Telluride, CO, at my brother’s school festival, and won the silent auction. I was really looking forward to checking out the condo, Had planned on some serious mountain biking, and invited friends to come and hang out with me. But when I went there, part of the roof had caved.

I wasn’t sure what had happened,

check this out

so I called the police because it almost looked like a break in. Turns out it was raccoons or possibly bears! Luckily, I texted the people who I’d won the condo stay from, and they refunded my money, so it turned out all right, even though we didn’t get to hang out there!

Now I’m finally on my way back to my tiny house in Florida. Along the way, I went camping for a whole week with no shower or air conditioning, which was a little rough but also beautiful and relaxing. It was up in Frisco, CO, where they had a bunch of unique and exciting MTB trails.Ashley Fiolek Washington mx school

We got to go fishing and hit some cool bars up there. At one point, we were climbing on our mountain bikes and my friend Lindsey saw a huge moose. We both freaked out! We tried to be very quiet and stealthy, and head out of there as fast as possible, before the moose could see us, which was thrilling and scary at the same time.

I doubled back to Texas again to teach some private lessons, and then started my long drive home to Florida. I’ve been gone for almost two months, so I’m really looking forward to floating in my mom and dad’s pool on a raft with a cocktail in my hand. Until next time…[/am4show ]


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