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ABILITY Magazine Gary Sinise Issue

Gary Sinise — Grateful American: A Journey from Self to Service

You know him as Lieutenant Dan, the surly commanding officer and later shrimp boat partner of Forrest Gump. No matter what role he plays, award-winning actor Gary Sinise conveys a powerful, searing presence on screen, TV, and the stage. An Illinois-native, he’s the co-founder of the famed Steppenwolf Theater Company and has starred in ... Read more

China’s Silent Choir

November 2013 witnessed Li Bo and Zhang Yong from Baise City, Guangxi, building from scratch a choir of 9 to 16-year-old children from Lingyun County of Guangxi and Xiamen City of Fujian, and all of them are deaf. From their hometowns to Beijing, from not speaking to a well-organized chorus, from silence to voice, ... Read more

Nishtha Dudeja — First Indian to Win Miss Deaf Asia

Nishtha Dudeja won the title of Miss Deaf Asia in the finale of Miss and Mister Deaf World Pageant held at Prague, Czech Republic. It is rightly said that if you dream to win than nothing can stop you from winning anything in this world. Haryana girl Nishtha Dudeja has proved the saying correct ... Read more

TBI Research Forum

The Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Research Forum was founded in 2011 by The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center and the Polytrauma System of and is supported by the Western Blind Rehabilitation Center at the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System. Its goal is to increase awareness of recent innovations in TBI Research ... Read more

Harkin Summit – Boost Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities

For decades, former Senator Tom Harkin has actively championed the rights of people with disabilities. First serving in the US House of Representatives and later in the Senate from 1985 to 2015, the Iowa native helped craft and introduce the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1988. Although ostensibly retired, he remains active in ... Read more

Gavin McHugh—Acting is a Family Affair

Gavin McHugh, the youngest of five children, was adopted from Riga, Latvia, at the age of two-and-a-half. In 2015, his family moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles to pursue opportunities in the acting industry for his older siblings, while Gavin, who was just starting kindergarten, was fighting to overcome many of his physical issues ... Read more

Murray Dunlap Brings Poetry and Insight Out of Traumatic Brain Injury

An Imperfect Brain I define myself through curved glass With my wife, I feel permitted to smile If my brain allows, I communicate When it does not, meditation I spiral inward upon the reality Recovery does not exist The days are traumatic As time warbles on Stop Even through a curve This love is ... Read more

Humor Therapy — Plane Sick

Well, it has happened again. Every year I get a head cold that lasts for, maybe, a week or so. It usually occurs when I travel for the holidays. It could be stress related, but I think the culprit is being cooped up in a plane with a bunch of germ-infested human beings. Aren’t ... Read more

Brrrrr….hope everyone is staying warm!

Brrrrr….hope everyone is enjoying the New Year and staying warm! We don’t have any snow here in Florida, but we have had some pretty cold weather and lots and lots of rain where I live. My family and I went to a Beach Blast here in St. Augustine to celebrate the New Year. It ... Read more

Harris Wofford: Our Final Interview

In Memoriam One person can make a difference in the world, and Harris was such a person. Harris Wofford (1926-2019) Harris Wofford was already a national organizer when most teenagers were focused on their first dates. Born into a prominent Southern family and raised in Scarsdale, New York, his upbringing exposed him to some unusual ... Read more