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Mandy Harvey — Perfect Pitch

All Mandy Harvey ever wanted was to be a singer. But that dream was nearly eclipsed by Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a connective tissue disorder that left her profoundly deaf, unable to hear a sound. At the time, Harvey, a Colorado State University freshman, was studying vocal music education, and training for the career she’d always ... Read more

Ian Harding Issue Crossword Puzzle

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Disability, Sex and Adult Toys by and for People with Disabilities

Disclaimer: The following content is for a mature audience due its images and language. “Why are you of all people writing this article?” some of my friends asked me. Good question. As a native German, I grew up in a small, Catholic town in Bavaria – a very conservative city. Sex was the last ... Read more

Nancy Silberkleit Co-CEO of Archie Comics

Archie Comics is one of the most enduring brands in the history of comics. Created in 1941, their lovable cast of wholesome characters—Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and the rest of the Archie gang—captivated generations of readers, who devoured every word of their teenage predicaments. According to the company’s website, they’ve sold more than ... Read more

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom with Long Haul Paul

I quit my last real job in 2016, leaving the business world to dedicate my life to the goal of riding a million miles by motorcycle for Multiple Sclerosis. Not only do I no longer get a paycheck, I have been immune to the monumental changes happening this year in the workplace and schools ... Read more

Volker Eckl — Lead user experience engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation

The Wikimedia Foundation is continually improving the user experience ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. Leading the charge is Volker Eckl who started as a German Wikipedia contributor in 2004 joining the Wikimedia Foundation in 2015. Throughout his career, he has been building user interfaces to empower people to be more creative and productive ... Read more

Chen Yanping — Blind Opera Performer

Soon after losing her vision, Chen Yanping cut all connections to the outside world. It was the constant visits by Yu Jing and her friends that helped her re-find the value and meaning of her existence. But what truly brought them so tightly close, besides their time-tested friendship, is the passion of life they ... Read more

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year — Humor Therapy

Well, the insane 2020 election is behind us…finally. It seemed like it might go on to 2024. I would’ve died a thousand deaths. One can only take so much of a bad thing. Some consider it a done deal while others are clinging to a miracle. So now, half the country is elated, and ... Read more

A Doll Like Me — Every Child Should Feel Included

Children with disabilities don’t often see themselves represented—and if they do, it’s commonly an inaccurate or even harmful portrayal, as the movie ‘The Witches’ has shown in recent weeks. Amy seeks to change this through her work at ‘A Doll Like Me.’ She creates dolls that resemble their owners: children with a variety of ... Read more

Ian Harding opens up about ‘Pretty Little Liars’, lupus and Germany — Teil Eins (Part 1)

Ian Harding is an actor, teen choice award winner, author, and passionate bird lover. Besides playing Ezra Fitz, an attractive, yet controversial character in the series, Pretty Little Liars, he is also known for his parts in Ford v Ferrari (2019) and Adventureland (2009). The 34-year-old is a passionate advocate for people with lupus, an empathic son to ... Read more

Does Artificial Intelligence Impact Hiring People with Disabilities?

People with disabilities face significant disadvantages in the workforce. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), of all the employment discrimination cases filed in 2019, the most common claims involved disability-based discrimination (33.4%), closely followed by race and gender based discrimination. Today, a new form of employment discrimination causes concern: Artificial Intelligence ... Read more