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Visalia, California — Autism Certified Destination

In downtown Visalia, California, next to the local post office, stands a lone sequoia tree, named The Legacy Tree. It is a very tall baby tree, if you will, planted nearly 100 years ago. Surrounding the tree, is a wide, extended, circular mulch and rock area, which indicates the projected growth of the circumference ... Read more

Firebuds — Disney Junior Shines Spotlight on Disability Inclusion

“Firebuds” weaves disability and health topics into many of its storylines, and characters with disabilities are featured in several episodes. Disney’s commitment to disability inclusion is also evident in the casting of actors with disabilities to voice select “Firebuds” characters. ABILITY Magazine caught up with Sammi Haney who voices “Piper” and Henry Shipp, the ... Read more

Interview with Ashir Wilson

I’d never met Ashir Wilson before this interview, but I knew who he was, for we run in the same circles. Below, we discuss his pioneering work as a blind experimentation associate at UNDP Pakistan and his philosophy of disability, development sector work and education. It was a pleasure to finally meet Ashir, whose ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — Traveling Again

I’m out traveling again! I left snowy, cold Utah to get in some riding and race practicing so I can be ready to enter some qualifiers to try out for the Loretta Lynn Nationals. Bambi, Lindsey and I packed up and started heading South for warmer weather and no snow! So one of the ... Read more

Col Needham — Founder of IMDb—A Movie Lovers Hollywood Story

British software engineer Colin Needham’s fascination with movies began at the tender age of 5 when he won a coloring contest to see a movie in a theater. His passion with films lead him to start a diary to keep track of movies he watched and catalogue all of the details connected to its ... Read more

5 Ways to Clarify You’re (Badass) Disabled and Not (Inspirational) Disabled

Everyone knows about the two types of disabled people. The traditional type is sad and inspirational, like the tiny boy with crutches who begs Ebenezer Scrooge for tidbits of hard bread with cold porridge. The new type of disabled is totally different and very cool, like the hot people with mobility aids from the ... Read more

Meet the Supercrips

Want to see a disabled character on the big screen played by a genuinely disabled actor? Want to get into NFTs? SupercripNFT is helping audiences do both by crowdfunding an original film from the filmmakers behind “Bottleshock”, “Shoot ‘Em Up” and the newly released “Coffee Wars” with gameable NFTs and a new blockchain currency. ... Read more

Long Haul Paul Fighting MS —HELP is Not a Four Letter Word

Helping friends and family is part of everyday life. Helping neighbors in our local communities or people on the other side of the world is what makes most humans, well, humane. Whenever I help out a friend or neighbor it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I believe sharing my story of ... Read more

Melissa Manchester — Celebrating Her 50th Anniversary Making Music

A career spanning 50 years, singer-songwriter, actress, recording artist, Grammy award-winning Melissa Manchester has multiple albums and counting. Manchester has had her songs recorded by Barbra Streisand, Roberta Flack, Kenny Loggins, to name a few. She is a wonderfully energetic artist with roots firmly planted in music and a talented family encompassing all avenues ... Read more

Kenton Hall – My Bipolar and Getting Where I Needed to Be

Kenton Hall is a singer/songwriter, filmmaker, author, and proud dad of twin daughters, and he has just released his double album “Idiopath” and “Omniopath,” featuring 33 1/3 tracks. Hall also has bipolar disorder, diagnosed after he ran away from his abusive parents from Canada to the UK as a teenager. ABILITY Magazine’s Karina Sturm ... Read more

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